Griezmann approaches Atleti

The renewal of Messi does not yet solve the problems of Barça's salary mass. The Griezmann-Saúl exchange, a safer option. Beautiful and Lodi could get in.


The gesture of Messi to renew his contract to the downside supposes for Barça an absolute relief at a sporting level, but also economic, since it significantly lowers the salary mass while it is an example to show for other players when they have to sit with them so that they lower their salary. Thus, when Messi's renewal is officially resolved, it will be the turn of Busquets, Alba, Sergi Roberto or Piqué, who has already admitted his willingness to lower his salary following Messi's example.

Y is that despite the help that Messi's reduction means, there is still a lot of cloth to cut at Barça in order to reduce the salary bill. Barcelona would still need to reduce 200 million to be able to register Messi. In this regard, the possibility that Griezmann will not continue next year with the Blaugrana taking care of economic issues, not sports, is gaining strength.The idea of Barcelona is to achieve a transfer, although the club's offices are aware that in the face of the economic crisis that affects all teams in the world, it is difficult to obtain a good sale, so the exchange with Saul. This will be the next soap opera when it closes, it seems that imminently, the most important of all. Barça fans are beginning to breathe easy with Messi and are already looking at Griezmann, who is aiming for his return to Atlético after two courses at Barça.

Hermoso and Lodi could enter the operation

According to Tot Costa, the operation has gained integers in the last hours, due to the predisposition of the two involved. Griezmann wants to return and Saúl is willing to change of scene. In addition, barter pleases Simeone and is ideal to release salary mass. But the main novelty presented by the Catalunya Radio program is the possibility of Mario Hermoso and Lodi entering the transfer. At the moment, details are unknown, but two young players could arrive at Barça, with affordable salaries and a lot of room for growth. In addition, the center-back played one season for Real Madrid Castilla.

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