Garuba will negotiate with Madrid to go to Houston now

The player, with a contract until 2024 and an ascending exit clause (3 million this summer), needs to reach an agreement with the white club to make the jump to the NBA.


“I am very happy and grateful to have been drafted by the NBA. Everyone who knows me knows that it is a dream for me since I was little. I have not been able to sleep much because I was very nervous, but when my name came up I was relieved. I want to be able to go there and give it my all, as I have always done ”, that was the first public reaction of Usman Garuba (2.03 m and 19 years) when he learned that the Houston Rockets, the franchise that wanted him yes or yes, had chosen in 23rd place, and that despite the fact that the great Turkish promise, Alperen Sengun, was free when the Texan team could also take him in number 16 after receiving the election of Oklahoma City Thunder (before, he chose in number 2 to Jalen Green). The unforeseen move with Sengun, a great opportunity along the way, did not change the plans of the franchise, which maintained its bet on a Garuba who also wanted to end up in Houston. And now he will look for a way to make the immediate leap to the NBA, his great desire, a personal decision made even before the rookie draw.The pools placed Garuba slightly above the 23rd place, a position that defines a salary for the whole of his first two years in the NBA, both guaranteed for a rookie, of four million dollars gross in total, which would have been almost one million more than having left, for example, five places higher, the 18. The advantage, the taxation of the state of Texas, one of the most beneficial, if not the most, for the players, since they can receive up to more than 60% of the gross salary in net. Now, and it is also an important point, you will have to see if the franchise agrees to raise your salary by 20%, the maximum allowed, with respect to the fixed salary scale, with which those four million dollars for two years would become 4, 8 gross. Additionally, the franchise can shell out up to $ 775,000 to help release you from your current international contract, under the current League collective bargaining agreement.

The figures are there and there is an indisputable fact: if Garuba wants to play in the NBA immediately, he must agree to his departure with Real Madrid, with whom he has a contract in force until 2024, three more seasons, and a termination clause of 3 million euros now, which would be four next summer, 2022, and five in 2023. In June 2024 he could freely disembark in the NBA without paying any compensation, because he would be free with only 22 years. It is an option that the player would consider if there is no understanding with the white club, one that must be forced to defer payment for several years, even five, as Nikola Mirotic did in his day, who left in 2014 and The last payment was made in 2019, just before signing for Barça. Another option is that their future rights are negotiated in anticipation of a return of the player to Europe, something that Madrid usually does when it allows the deferral of the payment. In any case, without negotiation and agreement with Madrid, the player will not be able to play immediately in the United States.

The white club, for its part, had come to terms with the idea that Garuba was leaving safely and has planned the squad without him. What's more, he has already announced his replacement with the hiring of French power forward Guerschon Yabusele, who will complete the power forward position along with Trey Thompkins and Anthony Randolph, who still has a little left to play again after breaking his tendon. Achilles last December. And it has youth squad Tristan Vukcevic, who will be senior next year. Inside, Edy Tavares and Vincent Poirier. In short, if Garuba followed, there would, in principle, be an excess of interiors. The youth squad wants to start the next season in Houston and fulfill his NBA dream, but he needs to reach an agreement with the team that has trained him since 2013. Otherwise, he will remain in white.

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