Florentino Pérez's plans for the new Bernabéu

The stadium roof and the innovative retractable lawn will make it possible to maximize the use of an enclosure that has a privileged location in the center of the capital.


The new Bernabéu will be more than a football stadium, much more than it is now. The remodeling works will turn the white coliseum into a multipurpose macro-pavilion, capable of hosting all kinds of events without assuming any type of convenience for what will continue to be, 75 years after its inauguration, the core of its activity: hosting the Real's matches Madrid. The calendar of the first team will continue to be the use on which the programming of events at the new Bernabéu pivots, but it will host other sporting, musical, cultural and other economic events.

The use as a playing court for the first basketball team is the latest use that has transpired. It would not be regularly, since it is difficult to fit the calendars of both sections, but it would be for certain important meetings. It is also projected to be the scene of an NFL game at the latest in 2025 and to host a tennis exhibition with Rafael Nadal, honorary member of the white club, as the protagonist.

The new stadium will not only live on sports. The grass will be installed on a design of retractable sheets that will be stored under the ground with an underground system where the green will be in optimal conditions of conservation and maintenance. This will allow, apart from the installation at any given time of sports courts for other disciplines, the holding of mass concerts by great international artists, fairs or exhibitions in the space occupied by the pitch without damaging the grass. A stadium alive 365 days a year.

The entrails of the Bernabéu will multiply its activity, with new opportunities for entertainment and leisure. The new stadium will have two official club stores and new commercial spaces. The gastronomic offer will also be increased, which until now had four restaurants in different parts of the stadium, and there is even talk of the possible construction of a casino. The venue will also have multipurpose auditoriums with convention rooms to hold conferences and large meetings.

All of this will increase the club's capacity for revenue growth. When the works are fully completed, the new spaces are expected to bring income to the accounts of around 200 million euros. A figure that will drive the entity to reach the milestone of 1,000 million euros entered annually for all items. In the last season before the pandemic, 2018-19, Real Madrid's operating income amounted to 757 million.

An increased Bernabéu Tour

The project also includes the improvement of the Bernabéu Tour. One of the main tourist attractions in Madrid (it is the third most visited museum in the city, only behind the Prado and Reina Sofía) visited by 1.3 million tourists each year, of which 60% were tourists of origin. Foreign. The sale of tickets for the museum (the general access ticket that cost 25 euros, can be provisionally purchased from 14 due to the reduction of the route due to the works) provides the club with 17 million euros per season, the equivalent of slightly more than 2% of budget.

The new museum will have an expanded area in which to offer new audiovisual, interactive and virtual reality experiences. The tour route will be completed with a new panoramic walk around the entire perimeter of the deck around the stadium. A unique experience that, when the works are finished, will allow the club to increase the exploitation of a succulent source of income.

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