'SuperHugo' flies high

Just a year ago, the man from Huelva made history at MotorLand, setting the best race lap ever seen on the Aragonese track in its category.


Everything stopped making sense at MotorLand after motorcycling once again showed its bitter side. An incident that probability had to turn into an anecdote, ended up turned into a tear after confirming that that nightmare that was lived during the race of the European Talent Cup, with Hugo Millán, unfortunately, as the protagonist, was not a bad dream from which he could wake up . The 14-year-old from Huelva (Huelva) lost his life because he could not overcome the injuries he suffered on the Aragonese track and flew to the top on a track where, just a year earlier, he managed to make history.

'SuperHugo' set the best race lap ever seen at MotorLand in its category, where he was completing his second year, and he continued to show off a good ride that he began exhibiting at the age of five in an exhibition on a street circuit at the Sevillian town of Sanlúcar La Mayor. This would be the beginning of a brilliant career that began with an act of rebellion. Despite the fact that at the age of two he received his first motorcycle, a Chinese Vesta saddle, the parents of the Huelva native explored the possibility of the football field as his older brother did, but his declared passion for motorcycles led him to a riding school where he began to show off your talent.

They sacrificed a lot so Hugo could prove his worth, but the young man made the road much easier. At just 6 years old, he was proclaimed runner-up in the Andalusian Championship to make the leap to the Spanish Championship, and in 2014, he was semi-awarded by the Cradle of Champions to begin promoting towards that dream to which any pilot aspires. His progression was more than remarkable, after two seasons in the Spanish Moto4 Championship, in 2019 he made the leap to PreMoto3 and there he ended up being proclaimed runner-up behind David Real, by a difference of only six points that marked the two appointments that was absent due to injury.

However, that did not prevent him from continuing to advance on a path that has been too short for him, although it has been full of joys that made him continue to fight a dream that will now be eternal. The second position of 2019 served 'SuperHugo' to debut in the European Talent Cup in 2020. In just six races this season, the Huelva-born was second overall thanks to the four podiums he had achieved to date, to add more than 50 in a trajectory where fear was never smelled above gasoline. And that was the key that kept him alive until a fatality has once again dressed the motor world in mourning. Rest In Peace.

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