Emergencies at the Leganés goal

In the absence of three weeks to start the course, he only has Riesgo as the goalkeeper of the first team. In the last 5 years there have been 13 goalkeepers.


Glove emergencies. Leganés need a goalkeeper. For now, in the singular. Only one. But you need it. "The intention is to have two first-team goalkeepers, plus a subsidiary goalkeeper," says an Asier Garitano who has started the preseason with, for the moment, only one 'older' goalkeeper. Asier Riesgo became the first renovation of the summer. But Cuéllar (still without a team) and Conde (Atlético transferred him to Getafe) and after three weeks of preseason, no one has yet arrived who can replace them in the position. The pickle target becomes, again, in an agitated position.

Because this situation is not relatively new. In recent campaigns it has been common to see every summer (even in winter) a constant flow of protagonists to defend the Butarque arch. None was as intense as Leganés' first in the elite. That 16-17 season there were five players as blue and white guardians: Serantes (was injured), Brignoli (out due to no performance), Diego Barrios (from the subsidiary), Champagne (signed in January) and Herrerín (substitute for Serantes and, to the dessert, the definitive one).Thirteen goalkeepers in five years

Calculator in hand, since then, in the last five years, Leganés has had thirteen goalkeepers. In addition to the five mentioned above, another eight more: Cuéllar, Lunin, Andrés Prieto, Soriano, Grandi, Lombo, Conde and Riesgo. It is striking that, despite so much hustle and bustle, in truth only one, Cuéllar, has settled in the position. The rest, except Riesgo, who managed to snatch the position from him at the end of last season, has lived in his shadow. The Extremaduran left Butarque at the end of the previous year after four courses south of the capital and 126 official matches with Lega in his gloves.

"It is not easy to stop a candidate for promotion," he reflected in October about how complex it is to exercise between clubs of Leganés Nereo Champagne, one of the men who had to compete at the finish line and who, despite his role as secondary, enjoyed a certain regularity and moments of glory. Like the 'Pepinazo' butler at the Bernabéu.

Competitor goalkeeper and teammate

The Argentine, now at Rayo Majadahonda, Leganés' first and next rival in preseason (the debut against Talavera was suspended due to "health precaution"), is a model of what Leganés intends in this summer market. Namely, a goalkeeper who can fight for ownership, but is a loyal squire in case he has to wait his turn on the bench. Something similar to what happened with Riesgo, who started almost as third goalkeeper (Conde won the game when Cuéllar was injured at the start of the course), but he ended up starting without having raised his voice when he was not playing.

“Asier meets all the conditions that a Leganés footballer must have. He can play at a high level, when he has not played he has had a beastly behavior on a day-to-day basis. He is a player who knows the trade and who helps the people below ... he has absolutely everything, "Garitano compliments his namesake.

In that “helping the people below”, Deba's is currently immersed together with Víctores and Garrido, the two goalkeepers from the lower teams who have joined the daily work to prop up the team's goal in these first weeks of work, Those that have been developed so far with only one goalkeeper from the first team. At the halfway point of the preseason, another one is sought to accompany Riesgo. Gloved emergencies.

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