Electronics punishes Honda

The Japanese manufacturer is the one that accumulates the most falls in the first half of the course, with a total of 39. Most have reached the 'high side' mode.


"We must improve the electronics, it is a question of security". Marc Márquez already warned Honda just before entering the summer break after his hard crash at Assen and the numbers, although they have not translated into injuries, have only confirmed the words of the ilerdense. The figures do not lie and the nine races held have brought out the harsh reality in the garage of the brand of the 'Ala Dorada': the RC213V has become the most critical bike on the grid. This is demonstrated by the 39 falls that the Japanese manufacturer has accumulated in the first half of the season where its four drivers have been the ones who have kissed the asphalt the most times. Even more than a brand like Ducati (32), which appears with two more mounts on the grid.

Honda has not needed much to add almost 30% of drops that have occurred so far this season. The Japanese brand is not only at the forefront of this ranking, it also leads a table of pilots in which they have their four mounts within the Top 10. From the opening event in Doha to the last one in the Netherlands, Pol Espargaró has starred 13 of the 137 total falls that the category has registered. The one from Granollers has only been spared in Qatar 2, and has linked dragging and high sides that have made him lose morale: "The falls are taking away your confidence" .

However, this factor does not end with the ambitions of a pilot seeking the same goal as when he landed at HRC: to be competitive with the RC213V. "Statistically, Honda riders have suffered many more falls, but that's what it is. For me, until it hurts me, it's a pure process: I fall, I get up and again for time," says Pol. But, the The story could be very different if finally any pilot of the Japanese brand was left out of the scene due to an injury.

Márquez, with nine falls in seven races (he missed Qatar's double), does not rule out this fact: "You come out unscathed the first time, but not the second." The ilerdense has lived his worst experience as a pilot as a result of a fall due to his ears in which he broke his right humerus in 2019 and which was the starting point of an ordeal that kept him nine months without running, a fall that he remembered again with his high side in Assen. On the Dutch track, the eighth champion was thrown into the air without the electronics acting as they should have, after the rear end of his RC213V lost grip and regained it suddenly. Fortunately, it had no consequences, but it was important to remember something: "We just flew out."

Honda has duties

The request that comes from those who risk everything is clear: we must improve the motorcycle's traction control. In addition, to the falls of the official team, we must also add the 10 incidents of Álex, the six of Nakagami (with the LCR) and the drag of Bradl in the opening appointment when he replaced Márquez. Too many inconveniences in a short period of time that can further complicate the situation inside the Japanese garage.

Apart from the obvious, optimizing the performance of electronics has become vital for HRC if they want to continue to maintain the distinctive mark that makes it the most successful brand in the World Cup. "These falls take away a lot of confidence because you don't know when you are going to have another one again and that prevents you from going fast," said Márquez. And that lack of speed can drag the lack of victories. And although Marc has already made his debut at the Sachsenring, the balance after nine races is far from satisfactory.

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