Dynamite for the Finals: the Bucks Revolution

He was drafted in the second round and went through the G League, but he is already one of the great heroes of the Bucks. Giannis wants to build a legacy with him.


As soon as the fourth game between Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns ended, a multitude of images began to circulate on the networks. The cap from Giannis Antetokounmpo to Deandre Ayton was the most shared, a frame that, if the ring travels to Wisconsin, will become a modern icon of the NBA. And, over time, its history. At the end of the match, however, the Greek player melted into a long hug with Khris Middleton. Again, a widely circulated snapshot. Giannis, like every one of the 20,000 souls that roared in the Fiserv Forum, was aware that his brutal action would have been useless without the effervescent explosion of his teammate. The umpteenth, both in their shared trajectory and in the present playoffs. 40 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, that's where it materialized. He warned in the first quarter and challenged himself to a duel with Devin Booker, who was much more alone and loaded with fouls, his only brake. With 97-99 on the scoreboard, and two and a half minutes ahead, he scored 10 points in a row. In the Bucks, the clucth time is usually theirs and, in many cases, it also ends up being the game. This time, something else.

While the photos and videos followed one another, so did a recurring montage: "The Khris Middleton Cycle". A meme like so many others, but one that hides bits of reality. The approach is simple: five steps that, in a circular fashion, are constantly repeated in the career of the Bucks forward. "He plays below his level, the media criticizes him, he begins to play better, he becomes an underrated player, he looks like Michael Jordan in his prime ... and he plays below his level again," the publication reflects. Exaggerated, but with its fundamentals.

This same final phase is proof of the above. In it, he averages 23.6 points, 7.7 rebounds and 5.1 assists, but with very marked ups and downs. In the Finals, he has gone from 11 goals in the first game to 40 in the last. Lights and shadows, like those of any player, but that have haunted him scathingly in recent years. Like Milwaukee in general, unable, so far, to translate its potential in the regular season to the playoffs. A critique of which he has also been a part. In his career, he has seven postseason appearances. All with the Bucks and, therefore, with the same peak: the current Finals. Before them, the same setbacks, with the two previous seasons, in which he accumulated his only All Stars, as the focus of the greatest criticism. His 30 + 6 + 7 was useless, with 73.3% in field goals and 57.1% in the triple, in the fourth game against the Toronto Raptors, in 2019, in those tragic Conference Finals for the from Wisconsin; nor did his leadership come to the rescue, at 36 + 8 + 8, in the Bucks' only series win over the Miami Heat in the finals last year, without Antetokounmpo by his side. Nights of brilliance lost in defeat, a black hole for memory.

At many times, Middleton has been a player called to assume the responsibility of a superstar, although he has almost never been considered as such. It has been demanded at that level, but it has not been proportionally valued when it has deserved it. After beating Booker in his particular contest, it would feel weird. The spotlights, called to target the young Suns player, much more used to them, suddenly turned on him, the hero of the night. All his companions rushed forward and he simply returned their affection. Without the perfect photo, without any individual snapshot called to go viral on the networks, but with a resplendently natural happiness, from and for the collective. As on the track.

The Khris Middleton All-Star Plan

Middleton came to the NBA in 2012, but that way. The Pistons picked him 39th in the second round of the Draft. In Detroit, he would only play 27 games in the best league in the world, none as a starter. The rest of the year, he spent it in the American competition development league, the G League. Back to start, again. As he had already had to do on previous occasions and like so many others he has done subsequently: the cycle. After arriving at the university under the label of being "the best shooter of his generation", he started his time at Texas A&M (2009-2012) hitting only one shot in his first twelve attempts ... in three games. After 86 college games, 69 in the starting five, their averages stayed at 11.3 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2 assists, with All Big 12 being his Conference, but falling far short of the great scoring percentages that he promised: 43 % in field shots and 32.1% from the perimeter.

He did not win the trust of Lawrence Frank, but he did win that of Larry Drew, Jason Kidd and Mike Budenholzer. Milwaukee's, regardless of the coach. He landed in Wisconsin as simply part of a trade whose main moves were Brandon Knight's arrival to the Bucks and Brandon Jennings to the Pistons. He was 22 years old and had a lot to prove, but he was embraced by a culture that trusted him. And where it fit. Caprices of Destiny, then, in 2013, at the beginning of a reconstruction that needed to hit rock bottom, Antetokounmpo also arrived, selected in the 15th position of the Draft. They would only achieve 15 victories in their first season together, the worst record in franchise history, but they laid the first stone of a conviction that they both shared and that today permeates the Eastern finalists. Mike Breen, a journalist for ABC, during the broadcast of the fourth game between Suns and Bucks, revealed a text message sent by Jrue Holiday to Brook López that sums it up perfectly: "I love being your teammate, you never complain You do a lot for this team and you don't ask for any recognition, "the point guard sent the franchise center forward.

Work, work and work. A hallmark of the Greek giant, insatiable in his desire to improve on his weaknesses, constant like few others in caring for his physique and charismatic like most with his teammates, with the harangues of this round as a sample. When Middleton set foot in Milwaukee, the franchise offices identified all of that in him, too, and over time they prepared a bespoke plan for him. In the 2018 preseason, already with Budenholzer as head coach, the forward received a report titled, directly, as The Khris Middleton All-Star Plan: a strategy to make him a star, in All Star of the NBA. The manual, revealed by ESPN journalist Kevin Arnovitz, dealt with a very specific idea: adapt Middleton's conditions to the latest basketball.

The Bucks player, who will participate in the next Olympics with Team USA, was old school. And it still is, but with a range of possibilities that has been expanded. His taste for shooting from the medium distance remains, he takes pleasure in it and, beyond the beauty and nostalgia that it gives off, he uses it efficiently. But it is much more. "Reorient your game away from the things you are most comfortable with and learn new ways to play," the plan demanded. Specifically, it contained indications to expand the possibilities after the pick and roll, key in the fourth game with Anteto as the axis; It invited to change many of the shots from the middle distance for shots from the perimeter and focused great efforts on improving the player in the defensive phase. Today, Middleton is that. A versatile player like few others, who can organize or camouflage himself in anarchy, who uses his body to defend with solvency both young and old and who, as his pre-university label indicated, has become the most reliable shooter on the team. Not by percentages, but by sensations, decision and reliability in hot moments. An All Star.

Building a legacy

The current one is the 12th playoff series shared by Antetokounmpo and Middleton. In total, they have played 62 postseason games together. They know each other perfectly. They were born of the hand and in the mud and, if they achieve glory, they will do it in the same way. According to the environment of the franchise, their personal relationship, beyond the tracks, has never been very close; but, inside, their respect is maximum. "He was being aggressive. But that's what he does down the stretch. We want him to have the ball. We want him to make the decisions. We know he's going to make great shots and tonight he was incredible," explained Giannis after 40 your partner's points. In Khris's cycle, he was in that phase that hyperbolically resembles Michael Jordan. As he already was in the opening game of the postseason, with that implausible shot that made it 1-0 in the series against the Miami Heat, the first stone, the heaviest, of a sweet revenge. As it was in the first victory against the Nets, with 2-0 on the counter, and in the sixth, the one that forced the tachycardic seventh. As he was, too, against the Atlanta Hawks in the absence of Antetokounmpo.

If the Bucks end up wearing the ring, their last quarter in the third game against the Hawks, 20 points, and their third quarter in the sixth, a 16-2 that, at times, made one think of the Middleton Bucks, will be history of the franchise. Magic moments. The trance of the superstars, sequences of annotating lucidity that are available to only a few. "Over the years, during the whole trip with him, I realized it. We have played so many games together ... but there was a specific moment, I think it was in the playoffs against Toronto," Giannis recalled after beating the Suns, recalling the battles with his partner. Specifically, the one that made him feel like he was sharing a wake with someone very special.His hazy memory was transporting him to 2017, the sixth game of the series against the Raptors, which ended his second playoff experience. Middleton, after playing only 29 games in the regular season due to a serious hamstring injury, remained 42 minutes in the decisive game, producing 19 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. After the duel, exhausted, Khris was transported to the hospital, totally dehydrated. "He didn't feel very good. But he played and gave everything for the team and for us. You know, that's when I realized, 'yeah, this is the guy I want to be on the front line with and take the trip.' I thought, "Anteto continues to recall.

After Game 4 against Phoenix, Giannis and Middleton became the third group of teammates, along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson with the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James and Kyrie Irving with the Cleveland Cavaliers, to score 40th. more points each in different matches of the same Finals. Precisely, under the gaze of the first, a, still, Lew Alcindor who, in 1971, was part of the legendary team that gives the Bucks their only ring in history. "He is the person with whom I want to build a legacy," Anteto said of Middleton after that. Bringing Jabbar himself to the present, but also Oscar Robertson, with whom he formed the iconic couple. They are in it. Khris, most of the time, in a very specific phase of his cycle: that of the underrated player. Because it is a star. One that, to a greater or lesser extent, always shines. Especially when it is most needed. Although it is not seen, although it is not perceived. There is. Behind the clouds, in the dark.

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