Douokouré adds the African Cup factor to the future of Facu García

The young man from Leganés is still waiting to solve his future. Garitano likes. Doukouré's possible exit to the Africa Cup in January works in his favor.


The signing of Cheick Doukouré by Leganés serves to heal the wound left in the center by Rubén Pérez and his non-renewal (he now plays for Panathinaikos), but opens up a dilemma that revolves around a regulatory limitation and the African Cup . The debate affects the present and the configuration of a template that thinks in the present, but also in the future.

Doukouré's goal is to compete and play the tournament that takes place during January and part of February 2022 in Cameroon. In fact, the former Levante forced himself to finish at Leganés (salary sacrifice included) because he believes that Butarque can be a magnificent springboard to return to the national team. If their presence in the Ivory Coast team is confirmed, Leganés will lose a piece for an engine room in which, currently, Luis Perea, José Recio and Gaku Shibasaki also play.Between taste and bureaucracy

A Facu García must be united to them who, as in previous seasons, walks a fine wire. Halfway between staying (Garitano likes) or leaving forced by the bureaucracy. The Argentine (20 years old) still does not have a community passport, and that makes him a potential exit that depends on transfers.

The Lega, for example, has noticed Yoel Bárcenas, a Panamanian owned by Mexican Tijuana and who has played in Oviedo and Girona for the last two seasons. The incorporation has slowed down, but if he joined Leganés, he would occupy one of the two pieces for non-EU members that LaLiga allows. The other would be for Gaku.

But if it is not Bárcenas, it could be another name. In other words, Leganés is not conditioning (for now) its transfer policy to Facu's situation. It happens that the presence of Doukouré and his desire to play the African Cup adds a new factor to Facu's own situation, which could become a spare part for when the Ivorian coast leaves to play the tournament (if at all ). With him on the squad, the engine room would not notice the departure of the last cucumber signing so much.

Growth with another transfer

The debate, however, does not revolve only around these doubts, but about whether it is worth keeping a kid just thinking of a condition that may never occur (that Doukouré plays this African Cup) or If it is worth it for Facu to go to another team where he can gain experience, as happened in his last two transfers to Apoel Nicosia or Valencia B.

If the aforementioned passport factor is added to this, the dilemma, for now, does not draw a panorama that encourages us to think that it can stay in Butarque. Despite everything, it is not ruled out. Facu ends the contract in 2023 and will have a key period next week to decide a future that, just turning 20, is still long and promising. It remains to be seen whether to develop south of the capital or exploit elsewhere.

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