"I don't know if we will see Federer here again"

The world press echoes Federer's tough defeat at Wimbledon and also the statements at a press conference where he leaves his future up in the air.


Roger Federer's defeat against Hubert Hurkacz in the Wimbledon quarterfinals has shocked the tennis world, who did not expect the Swiss tennis player to suffer this painful defeat against the young Polish tennis player, who had already come down from the other great favorite from the bottom of the Wimbledon men's draw, Russia's Daniil Medvedev.

Media around the world have echoed Federer's tough defeat at Wimbledon. The newspaper L'Équipe collects the chronicle with the headline "Federer, expelled from the Temple", alluding to the nickname with which Wimbledon is known, 'The Cathedral' of tennis.

Media such as the Daily Mail also echo the statements of Roger Federer at a press conference, where he questioned his presence at the Olympics and where he dropped that this could have been his last match at Wimbledon. They also include the statements of Boris Becker, a regular columnist in the medium, about the defeat of the Swiss. "He will never say if he had any problems, but I don't know if we will ever see this great man here again. Time does not stand still for any man or woman."

In a similar vein, other prestigious generalist media are manifested worldwide. The New York Times titled his chronicle "Roger Federer loses at Wimbledon, perhaps for the last time", thus leaving in the air the possibility that the Swiss will compete again at the All England Club. For its part, The Guardian also leaves the door open for Federer's return to Wimbledon. "Roger Federer will hate the flavor of the donut (in allusion to the 6-0 endorsed by Hurkacz), but it is too early to rule him out," they say in his chronicle.

More critics and skeptics are shown in Switzerland, the tennis player's native country. Blick, one of the most important media in the country, takes up the chronicle with the headline "Federer breaks into three sets!" and they add that "It was not the day of Roger Federer, but it was for Hubert Hurkacz, who threw the king of the turf out of his kingdom." The Swiss media also echoes Federer's statements calling them an enigmatic "Should the journey continue?" A question for which only Federer himself has an answer.

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