Division with Griezmann

In a poll on AS.com, with a turnout of almost 20,000 people, 58% of voters are in favor of the French returning to Atleti. 42%, against.


According to a survey carried out for the readers of Diario AS where more than 20,000 people have participated, 58% would be in favor of the return of the Frenchman, while 42% do not want him to wear the Atleti shirt next season. This poll shows the feeling of the rojiblanca fans, a divided hobby where several factors come into play when thinking about Griezmann's return.Arguments for his return

The main arguments that we find here are sporting. Antoine Griezmann is, probably, the best player that Atléticos have seen on the Metropolitano pitch in a long time. His quality and vision of the game is undeniable. A footballer carved by Simeone, who enhanced his virtues and added defensive and positioning work on the field, becoming a decisive player for Atlético de Madrid and for a world champion France.

As we have said, Simeone is the creator of a player who arrived as a winger with quality and left Atlético as a total attacker, playing in various positions and with an idea of defensive solidarity difficult to find in players of his stature. For this reason, Cholo is the one who most wants the return of his most advanced student. He wants to have the Frenchman in his eleven again, and if the Argentine wants him, it is a very powerful argument for his return.

The player's desire also weighs, Griezmann is not considering another idea that is not his return to Atlético de Madrid. There are several teams that want to take over the services of Barcelona 7, but the Frenchman is clear about it, his future is to return to the rojiblanco club and he is willing to lower his salary to work under Simeone's orders. This speaks very well of the player's commitment, that he could go to another team and continue to earn the same amount, but his desire is to return to the capital and triumph with Atlético.

Arguments for him not to return

The arguments against his return are mainly sentimental. Antoine Griezmann did a lot of damage to the Atlético de Madrid fans with his departure, especially because of the ways in which he left.

In the memory of all Atléticos is the video of the Frenchman announcing his departure to Barcelona after five seasons. A video that came a year after the documentary La decision en #Vamos, where Griezmann was speculating until the last moment about his continuity in the rojiblanco club. He decided to stay, but a year later he left.

The fans also do not forget how that march was cooked. On the day that Atlético played their pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League against Juventus, Griezmann could have signed a preliminary agreement with Barcelona. When the fans found out about this, they considered that the Frenchman was not focused on Atlético, but was thinking about his future outside the club in March.

To this is added the occasional rudeness to the fans, such as shutting up the Metropolitan stands in a league match against Valencia. Or the great media noise to which Griezmann always exposed himself with his statements and his doubts about his future.With both arguments on the table, the mattress fan puts them on a scale and has doubts, but, as the survey shows, the arguments in favor have more weight. Griezmann is a sure value of success, wanting the return of the French is to think of a more competitive Atlético de Madrid, with more quality and more decisive. That Griezmann is back is great news for Simeone's aspirations.

It is true that negative arguments weigh heavily on fans, but time and, above all, results cure everything. Griezmann knows what he did and how he did it, that's why he will give his best to earn the forgiveness of that sector of the fans most reluctant on his return. After all, if they want the best for their team, they know that the best thing is to see Antoine Griezmann on the Metropolitano pitch. The Frenchman's destiny is to be one of the legends of Atlético de Madrid.

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