Cavendish: "I have had a bad time, I saw the victory in danger"

Mark Cavendish achieved his 34th Tour de France victory in Carcasone. It was a journey over 200 kilometers and the Englishman recognized that it was difficult to resist.


Mark Cavendish showed his fatigue as he crossed the finish line. With his triumph in Carcassonne he adds 34 victories in the Tour de France, equaling the record of Eddy Merckx. He rolled at 57.1 kilometers / hour and the fatigue was evident. "I'm dead. I've had a very bad time. I was going to the limit during the last 20 kilometers. There is a moment when I lost my position because they put my elbows and my head. I saw the victory in danger. In addition, Cortina's attack dislodged me. Luckily the boys (their teammates) reappeared and I was able to do it, "the Englishman recognized.As for the milestone, Cavendish was very happy, how could it be otherwise. "It's incredible. When I was little, thinking about running the Tour and winning a stage was a dream. I can't choose between all my victories, they have been very special. I hope this figure serves to remember me as a great cyclist and that it has served to promote cycling in the UK, "he concluded.

Outside of Cavendish's victory, Iván García Cortina stood out among the Spanish. The Movistar rider tried to surprise the sprinters, but finished fourth. "This was what I had been commenting on these days around here on the Tour: if a door like today's opened, you had to try to take advantage of it. Anyway, when I came to the Tour I knew what I was coming for, which was to work for our leaders. , and also, from Tignes I dragged a cold as a result of the cold that has affected me and today in the first part of the stage I was thinking about getting off. I was almost running out of the peloton when the first escape was made and I thought: 'If I go like this , I can't take 220 km. '' I've managed to turn my body around and that's how things turned out ... I've been working for Enric, protecting him from the wind, and honestly I hadn't planned to enter the sprint or anything, but these days I've stayed there nearby, hovering, and the option arose, you had to push to the maximum. Goals for the remainder of the Tour? Personally, wishing that the damn cold would go away and thus be able to give 100%, and if there is an open door , we will try again. Morale with Enric is good; he had A bad day at Mont Ventoux, but I hope that minute and a half will be the worst day of the Tour and things will go well for him for the rest. With him we will continue to fight, "he said.

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