Carlos Suárez and Javier Baraja stop belonging to the club

Both the former president and former president of honor, as well as the former player and already former coach of Promesas, will not continue to be linked to Real Valladolid.


A very active day on June 30, 2021. The First and Second calendar has been raffled, anniversaries of two of the three finals that Real Valladolid have played are celebrated, Míchel says goodbye, after five years at the club, and Add to these dismissals two people who have been relevant in the history of the entity in recent decades.

The club announced this morning that Carlos Suárez ceases to be honorary president after having concluded his contract as such, in a clause of the sale agreement that took place almost three years ago. In this way, the former president and now honorary former president will not hold any position in the club and will only be a shareholder since he continues to hold between 10 and 15% of the club's shares.

Also this morning it has been made official that Javi Baraja will not be the coach of Promesas by his own decision, according to the club. The youth squad, former player and player from Valladolid has spent four years in the base structure, two years in the youth team and two years in the Promises, achieving the objectives, playing, for the first time, a promotion playoff to Second and putting the team in the PRO League . Although it seemed that Baraja would continue, his doubts about his continuity have been stronger and now the possibility opens up, as AS reported last Sunday, that Julio Baptista will take another step at the club and become the new coach of the club. Promises In addition, the Desmarque has confirmed that Borja Fernández will become the coach of Juvenil A.

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