Campuzano: "Sporting always has to aspire to the top"

The forward affirms that there is "a good base" for the new season and that the team feels capable of doing the same as the previous one "or something better".


"Sporting always have to aspire to the top; that has to be their goal. Sporting, by club, has to be at the top and we have to measure up, leave this shield as high as possible." That is the message that Víctor Campuzano has left in his first public appearance before the new season, in which he hopes to contribute more than he could last season when he arrived as a great reinforcement in the winter market.

Campuzano regretted the series of circumstances that prevented him from performing at the level of the expectations created after his arrival in Gijón. Now he says he is very confident in his possibilities. "The club bet a lot on me from the beginning, it made it quite clear to me and I have that thorn, that impotence of not having contributed more, due to injuries or a thousand things," said the Catalan footballer.

And added: "Now I have to focus on working, putting myself in my best and helping the team. My goal is to be as good as possible, available to the coach for whatever it takes."

For Campuzano there is no pressure despite being asked to play an important role in the team. "I'm going to demand the maximum of myself and external factors don't matter, they don't affect me too much." The forward acknowledges that "I could have given more, contributed more, but unfortunately I couldn't and therefore I don't feel pressure from the outside." And he insists that "the demand I have on myself is maximum" .

Before the new campaign. Víctor Campuzano considers that "we started from a good base, a very good season, and the group remains almost intact. It starts from a higher level than the one started last season and we have to adjust things to improve". In his opinion, "the model from last year has already been able to get a good performance and good objectives have been achieved" .

In this sense, Campuzano indicates the need to "go together and try to run a campaign like last season; it is complicated but we are capable and we know we can do that or something better."

The transfer of Manu García to Alavés leaves open a demarcation as a playmaker that can go well for Víctor Campuzano. "I can adapt to any position from midfield up. I have already said on occasion that where I am most comfortable is behind a striker or near a striker," he recalled.

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