Butarque has its Quinta del Mini

In recent seasons, Leganés has been incorporating some of the outstanding pearls in the most recent Barça subsidiaries into its project.


The shadow of the Quinta del Vulture was lengthened. As powerful as the success of a generation that marked an era at Real Madrid and had reverberations throughout the country. Any Spanish team wanted their own fifth. Also Barça, which even in the heat of what was achieved on the other side of the airlift, did not give up until replicating the pattern. It worked. Not at the level of Quinta del Buitre, but it worked. La Quinta del Mini they called it. It was in honor of the Mini Estadi where Velamazán, Celades, Roger García, Quique Álvarez, Juan Carlos Moreno and (above all) Iván de la Peña dazzled before making the leap to the first team and conditioning the last Barça of Johan Cruyff (1995-1996 ). Fogonazo prior to the Cantarano boom of the Pep-Team and that has never been repeated except for that glorious exception of 2009. At least not in Barcelona. In Leganés the formula has worked.

Butarque has its own Quinta del Mini. Exported from Barcelona with stops in some intermediate destinations and staggered phases. But Quinta del Mini, after all. Fifth, because there are five and Mini, because they come from the Mini Estadi. Everything fits. Since 2017, up to five members of the most recent Barça B have passed into the ranks of the pepineros. Namely, and in chronological order, Gerard Gumbau, Rodrigo Tarín, José Arnáiz, Sergi Palencia and Xavier Quintillà.

The constant visits of the sports management to Barcelona to observe the kids closely, together with the regular monitoring of Txema Indias, sports director, of the French League (where some of them emigrated) facilitated a process that has made the squad Barça pickle.

Memories of a 2-5 in the Mini Estadi

Four of our protagonists came to coincide at the same time in the Barça subsidiary and four of them have met again in the project with which Asier Garitano intends, this season, to try to storm Olympus First Division.

In the first group, the four who came to play together for Barça B with some regularity, belong to Gumbau, Tarín, Palencia and Quintillà. All four were released in the subsidiary staff, which in 2014-2015 fell from Second to Second B.

Tarín and Quintillá were called up to several games, but did not play. Gumbau was already fixed then and Palencia, an emerging. In fact, the first three entered the list that they lost to Leganés that season 2-5 and that, until last season's 0-5 against Zaragoza, represented the biggest cucumber win away from Butarque in the Second Division.

First outings and the Arnáiz phenomenon

With that descent to the bronze category, these four players came to coincide in Barça B in 15-16 as recurring pieces for Gerard López in Second B, but a year later, Quintillà went on loan to Lleida before to pack his bags for Villarreal the same season (17-18) in which Gumbau went to Butarque to put the first Barça pitch south of the capital. He arrived at Leganés at zero cost with the freedom letter under his arm.

In 2017, José Arnáiz signed for the Catalans for three million euros after training and exploiting at Valladolid. His stay at the Mini Estadi was short, hard (serious injury included), but so intense that it helped him to sign for Leganés a year later: six million for 50% of his rights. Tarín also signed, although in his case, as in Gumbau's, at zero cost. There were already three former Catalans in the Lega.

The magnetism of friendship

The payroll was maintained until 19-20 Leganés got rid of Gumbau (more than one voice within the club regrets that) for, the following year and again in Second, to sign a Palencia to the that the presence of Tarín in the squad helped him become a cucumber. "He is one of my best friends. Of course it was important ”, revealed the right-back on the day of his presentation in 2020.

A repeated attraction this season with Quintillà (he does not separate from Tarín) and the return of Palencia himself. Now there are already four recent FC Barcelona homegrown players that swell the ranks of the cucumbers, although both have done so after intermediate adventures. Quintilllà shone at Villarreal to later be promoted to Premier with Norwich and Palencia fired at Girondins before signing for Saint Etienne and chaining two loans in a row south of the capital. Varied roads with (for now) the same destination. Butarque already has its own Quinta del Mini.

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