Burgos aspires to have 10,000 subscribers this season

The black and white entity hopes to surpass, by far, the 6,000 members that it reached as a member of Second B.


The enthusiasm for football in Burgos has won many integers in recent seasons and overflowed with the rise of the black and white team achieved in Almendralejo. The social mass in Second B already exceeded 6,000 fans and this figure will be greatly exceeded in this new campaign.

Football, which has been subjected to the basketball 'boom' in the Castilian capital in recent years, wants to recover the splendor of its best times and the aspiration of the new rectors of the club is to reach 10,000 subscribers. It is speculated that prices will range between 150 and 370 euros, amounts very similar to the average that can be found in other clubs in this SmartBank League.

Getting a good number of subscribers and getting full in El Plantío, with the presence of followers of other teams that due to their proximity can travel in large numbers to the Burgos stadium, are one of the great assets that the new Board of Directors has to balance their accounts, which are weighed down by the excesses committed by the previous managers in their effort to achieve promotion.In addition, El Plantío will see its capacity reduced, still to be determined, due to the spaces it must reserve for television broadcasts and due to the new location that the media will have.

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