Bou reaffirms his leadership

The Catalan from Honda prevailed with great authority to open a gap in the World Championship and Laia was second after Britain's Bristow.


Toni Bou donned the leader's suit again in the second round of the TrialGP World Championship in Charade (France). The Catalan Honda rider took a step forward and firmly prevailed in the only event of the weekend. Near perfection in the second round, the leader accumulated 25 points, far from the 46 that the Italian Gratazzola (Beta) added to be second in total equality with Raga (TRRS), who was third.

With this, there are already two triumphs, out of three disputed events, that Bou adds to his record. The remaining victory also fell for Honda, but on that occasion it was for his teammate Fujinami, who today could only be fourth. 20 more points for a leader who leaves France very strengthened and begins to open a gap in the general with 57 points. 10 above his compatriot Raga, who ran this Sunday as the Catalan's main pursuer.

Bristow beat Laia

The women's World Cup seems to be a matter of two. The same ones who shared the victories in Italy, Laia Sanz and Emma Bristow. On this occasion, it was the British who took the cat into the water in a tight test that ended with a six-point difference between the two (25 to 31). Despite losing the condition of co-leader by three points, GASGAS confirmed its good condition in a way that surprised everyone on its return and is ready to fight for the World Cup.

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