Booby Portis meets again: controversies, work and Finals

The Bucks player, remembered for his attack on Nikola Mirotic, has been in charge of replacing Giannis during his injury. In Milwaukee, it's another.


"Milwaukee is a blue-collar city and I am a blue-collar player." This is how Bobby Portis defined himself before the momentous sixth game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks, the victory that has led the Wisconsin franchise to the NBA Finals 47 years later. The 26-year-old interior, after a career marked by controversy, is finding himself again. Surely, you have found your site. Many times, it is simply about that. The origin of the name of the city, the good land, finding a place by the water, lives up to its roots with it. It has found its way in a small market, in a city of almost half a million inhabitants, but that has that rural, small-town look. The commercialization of animal skins, agriculture and livestock are at the roots of a State that, despite its contemporary evolution, does not stop having a large part of its economic engine in heavy industry. In the midst of all this, Portis feels like a town and the town feels like a hero.

The expression blue-collar, within the English language, refers to the working class. Normally, and specifically, when talking about activities that require manual work. It is thus opposed to the white collars, the white collars, which encompass the people who reside in the highest hierarchies of the social pyramids. The origin of the term comes from the traditional blue work overalls. The rompers, the jumpsuits, whatever Portis feels like he wears every time he jumps the track. He understands his mission and fulfills it, with his hypnotic gaze as one of his most charismatic features. Fight, fight and go down to the mud like nobody else. He celebrates every offensive, defensive action and blends in with the Fiserv Forum crowd whenever he can. And, in the same way, it also faces that of the rival pavilions, since its instinct, although controlled, is still there.

In Spain, your name will be familiar, although not friendly. In 2017, a fight between him and Nikola Mirotic ended with the Spanish-Montenegrin in hospital. They were teammates, in Chicago Bulls, but the tension during training was such that, after one or several blows to the face (according to the sources who witnessed it), the current Barcelona player ended up on the ground for several minutes. After that, he left the ward to be treated medically, with "a concussion and jaw fractures," according to the statement issued by the franchise at the time of the altercation. The event, surely, would be one of the reasons for Mirotic's subsequent move to New Orleans Pelicans, before landing precisely on the Bucks. In the case of Portis, it meant eight suspension games and, without a doubt, the lowest moment of his career, already marked by controversy. That same season, without going any further, Tomas Satoransky, a former Barcelona and Seville player, was also the victim of a cable crossing from the current Milwaukee player. In a failed block attempt, it caused a hard fall for Satoransky, who left the game with a significant gap. "I sit in the locker room and imagine that a rival player hit my mother. With this I go crazy and my goal is going to be to chase you because you hit my mother," it went viral recently on the networks. A few words from Portis himself in his first years in the league, the ones that accompanied him before all his games, as a prelude to everything that followed.

In Wisconsin they do not know this side of Portis. For now, the power forward's behavior is exemplary. Although, after many plays, his impulses lead him to look for his rivals with his eyes, on no occasion has he come to blows. Not even, to great verbal confrontations. He limits himself to playing and, as he himself indicates, to working. He is aware of his role and, with it, he is relaunching a career that may still have a long way to go. He has found a way to channel his volcanic character: now, the explosions take the form of sweat, intensity and a multitude of intangibles for the team; but not only that.

In his second playoffs, he is averaging 9.3 points and 5.4 rebounds. He disappeared from the rotation in the series against the Brooklyn Nets, but it was no problem. No bad gesture or any reproach to Mike Budenholzer, who is finding in him one of the main ways to make those changes that cost him so much. In your case, even reaching the category of mandatory. With the loss of Giannis Antetokounmpo, due to a hyperextension in his left knee during Game 4 against the Hawks, Portis has been chosen to replace him in the starting five. A capital responsibility that, as the results indicate, the NBA Finals themselves have been able to accept. If the Bucks are where they are, in large part, it is also thanks to Bobby, whose name has already been chanted by the buck fans on more than one occasion. In the fifth game of the semifinals, he had his best performance in a final phase: 22 points and 8 rebounds. Next to Brook López, the great hero of the night, he dominated an orphan painting of the Greek giant, key in the final result of the meeting.

"As long as you believe in yourself, it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks. Stay locked in! It always gets bigger afterwards. Love", "Nothing turned into something! Thank you God! 4 more, Mike I love you "can be read in the latest posts on his Twitter, on the cover of which he has the word" underdog "inscribed. What he feels and what he wants to convey, both he and the franchise. After two frustrated attempts on the rise to the ring, the Bucks are closer than ever to glory. This time, with a new culture under construction, one that flaunts and boasts of its rural, hard-working, glow-in-the-dark character. Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton ... Stars that don't go down well in the spotlight. Like Bobby, who, if Antetokounmpo's absence is confirmed this morning, could start his first NBA Finals. A blue-collar player.

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