Bilbao: "I am a diesel engine"

Pello Bilbao (Bahrain, 31 years old) is tenth in the Tour after finishing 13th in the Giro: “I can ask for little more with the pace at which they take us”.


Pello Bilbao is immersed in its third consecutive Giro-Tour double, although the pandemic reversed the order in 2020 and caused it to contest its fourth major in just twelve months: "I consider that I have a diesel engine and that my main virtue is regularity" . At the age of 31, the Basque celebrates his second season with the Bahrain jersey. In this course he prevailed in a mountain stage of the Tour of the Alps, to finish 13th in the Giro as a squire to Damiano Caruso (second in the Milan box). His contract expires on December 31 and the team is interested in his continuity: "We will see what happens, in Bahrain I always felt at home" .

In the Tour, he is currently tenth overall, at 10:28 from Tadej Pogacar: “I can ask little more with the pace at which they take us. Despite the fact that I feel good in strength, I see that the wear and tear of the second round of three weeks in a row is accumulating ”. Bilbao highlights “the madness” experienced in the first 13 days: “We shot at full speed, with falls, with a much superior yellow jersey, with alternatives every day, with hardly any transition to take a breather… and we have not yet entered the Pyrenees , where the action will multiply. ”

In his case, he leads Bahrain's hopes for the final classification, although Matej Mohoric, at Le Creusot, and Dylan Teuns, at Le Grand Bornand, have already achieved victories for their training: “We are not complaining about the results of this course in the big ones. At the Giro we scored another two sets, with Gino Mäder (at San Giacomo) and Caruso (at Alpe Motta), and we put Damiano in second place in Milan ”. Another story is the drought of the national squad in the French event, which extends since Omar Fraile raised his arms in Mende in 2018: "I think there are still a few favorable Pyrenean stages remaining and it will be tried if the opportunity presents itself."

The Tokyo Games appear as an option for the future: "If the coach (Pascual Momparler) summons me, I am delighted to join the expedition that travels to Japan." His name was on the prelist. He also weighed at the beginning of the campaign to run the big three in one go, but fatigue takes its toll: "If I don't go to the Olympic Games, I will participate in one more race, although above all I will dedicate myself to rest and start preparing for 2022."

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