Betis negotiates with Bilbao Basket to sign Bertans

His offer to a player subject to the right of first refusal is out of date and he must pay the Biscayan entity. Kulboka negotiates his way out. Subscriber campaign presented.


Betis miscalculated the shot. He made an important offer to Bertans, who left Khimki in the middle of the past year amid the uproar caused by the defaults of the Russian club. The guard is subject to the right of first refusal by Miribilla's club since he wore black five years ago. But the deadline for submitting offers to basketball players with this condition has expired, so those submitted to the ACB are not valid. Now anyone trying to sign Dairis must turn to Bilbao Basket. "We are negotiating with Betis", revealed this morning Savovic, the general director. The coffers of the Basque entity do not exactly overflow bills and it is about reinforcing a rival, so a carpet is not going to be put in all this negotiation. Of course, it is not advisable to tighten the rope too much. The Verdiblanco team already fought with Bilbao Basket for Pepe Pozas, who was not in the right of first refusal by Obradoiro, and came out winning with a great offer for three years. Coming from Riga, Bertans spent between 2013 and 2016 in Bilbao, three very good years. He was already tested by the Mumbrú team last season when he had the rope of permanence around his neck.

This morning at the Gran Bilbao hotel the new subscriber campaign was presented, under the slogan 'We choose to be'. And then it develops with 'We choose to be Rouselle', 'We choose to be Luz' ... and so on until the twelve players with whom the club has closed the squad. Kulboka is not there, which already reveals that it will come out with all certainty. He will enforce his escape clause to the NBA. "It has a contractual situation pending resolution," Savovic said.

Bilbao Basket managed to retain 63% of its subscribers last summer, at the height of the pandemic, that is, 2,500. A success, although they may seem few for an entity that reached more than seven thousand. It was established that 70 percent of the price of that card would be discounted proportionally in the next four seasons and an additional 8.5 has been applied. Of course, that of shareholder disappears. In any case, to better balance the accounts, the general prices are raised to get as close as possible to those that have prevailed in recent years with all the sales.

The campaign video strikes a chord. It includes legends such as Salgado, Mumbrú, Raúl López, Schreiner with the promotion basket ... "Despite not having a trophy room, Bilbao Basket is a team with an increasing following and repercussion in Bilbao and Bizkaia The fans are the ones who have pushed the project for more than two decades. Those fans filled La Casilla, did the same at the BEC and have turned the Bilbao Arena into one of the best courts in Europe to experience basketball. Always with his team, through thick and thin. Downhill and uphill. This loyalty is irrefutable proof that being Bilbao Basket is something more. The oil spill does not require titles, it requires commitment and effort. That is why , that this season we have wanted to encompass everything that Bilbao Basket entails in a motto: We choose to be ", Savovic has detailed.

Prices range from 565 euros for the most expensive cards for new subscribers (423 in the case of renewals) to 200 (152 of those that already exist). Bilbao Basket understands that next season is not just another one, "it will be that of the reunion, that of once again feeling the affection of the fans close, that of seeing the seatmate again". The general manager sums it up like this: "We only have one thing in mind, to see you enjoy yourself again." The subscription renewal period begins today, Thursday, July 22, and runs until August 16. All subscribers will have a new seat provisionally assigned based on current regulations. The club has made a significant effort to ensure that this town is as close as possible to its usual town. Because, of course, right now they are managed with the option of filling Miribilla to 50 percent (today only 30% is guaranteed) and the money corresponding to the games not enjoyed will be returned.

The team will make a stay in Gijón at the end of August. He will play on the 21st against Breogán and on the 27th against Burgos. There they will begin to make tests with the protocols of attendance of the public. He does not plan to ride anything at Miribilla before the official season. In addition, Savovic is focused on having a new sponsor take over from RETAbet. "" There are open lines and we are comfortable in certain conversations, "Savo dropped.

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