Baskonia breaks with TD Systems due to lack of payments

Baskonia will no longer be called TD Systems due to disagreements in recent months. The club claims not to receive the agreed payments.


The Baskonia will no longer be called TD Systems due to disagreements in recent months. The club assures that it has not received payments since last January and has decided, unilaterally, to terminate the contract. In a press release it has said that "SASKI BASKONIA, SAD communicates that due to the breach by TD Systems (TEDUIN, SA) of the sponsorship contract signed in July 2020 for the 2020/21 to 2023/24 seasons, both inclusive Much to his regret, he has been forced to proceed to its resolution. The Club thanks TD Systems for his contribution during these months and wishes him the best of luck in the future. "The company, for its part, hides itself in the fact that the contract had a series of considerations that could not be executed due to the protocol against the coronavirus. They considered that they were almost pre-pandemic conditions and that it was delusional to believe that they could be realized. Between one thing and another, the relationship has been deteriorating and has ended in a divorce more than announced. The most normal thing is that the matter ends up in the hands of the courts or, at the very least, in an act of conciliation.

Now begins, if you have not already done so, the race to sell the "naming" to another company. Baskonia usually receive for this concept around one million euros per season. The doors of the betting houses are closed to him because the Government, after the summer, is going to activate the prohibition so that they are advertised in the world of sport. Before being TD Systems Baskonia it was Kirolbet. The football team linked to the club, Alavés, has Betway advertising on its front. Although it is appealed, the normal thing is that it is applied since it is inspired by a European Order.

On the other hand, the television company has released a statement to explain the details of the matter: "We regret the unilateral decision of Baskonia to terminate the TD Systems sponsorship contract, which we consider unacceptable and unacceptable. For months, we have tried to reach a agreement with Baskonia to resolve the profound differences that have arisen over the club's compliance with very important clauses of the contract. As is known, during the past year the evolution of the pandemic has seriously affected public attendance at sports competitions, an which was fundamental for us. We are aware that Baskonia, aware of the damage that the health crisis caused by COVID 19 was causing, has returned money to subscribers. However, in parallel and incomprehensibly, it has refused any negotiation to adapt the sponsorship contract to the circumstances arising from the pandemic. For this reason, we feel we are victims of a directive that has acted out of an exclusively business interest, without taking into account the special circumstances of an atypical season. We are proud to have accompanied a great club and admirable fans in the last season, to whom we wish the best, but at the same time we express our disappointment with a board that has been inflexible in its approach. We reiterate TD Systems' commitment to both professional and amateur sports, which we maintain through sponsorship of other football and basketball teams. "

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