Bale forces to choose: Vinicius, Rodrygo or Militao

The Welshman occupies an extra-community position this year and that prevents him from participating in Liga Militao, Vinicius or Rodrygo if the rule does not change.


Real Madrid has encountered an added problem in planning the squad. Bale occupies an extra-community place this season. It does so by virtue of the interpretation agreement (you can read it in full at this link) reached by the Federation with the AFE union and LaLiga. It was an agreement signed in extremis, announced on December 31, 2020, when Brexit became effective and elite athletes participating in professional competitions were left in a kind of limbo, at the expense of reaching a more global agreement between the European Union itself and the United Kingdom. In that agreement that was reached between the Federation, the League and the AFE, the affected footballers were not allowed to occupy a non-EU position (in reality, only the British who play in LaLiga are Bale and Trippier) during the second part of last season 2020-21). But, they will already do so in the 2021-22 season.

This newspaper was able to confirm the validity of said agreement, which implies that Bale and Trippier already occupy non-EU positions for the Federation and LaLiga. AFE, however, made another interpretation of the text: "New contracts or modifications such as renewal, would occupy non-EU positions ...". It follows that those who were already booked from before, such as Bale and Trippier, would not do so. Either way, the affected clubs already count on these players to occupy a non-EU position, although, yes, they aspire to a new agreement that allows them to participate in LaLiga without that condition, understanding that both were signed before it came into force. Brexit.

That agreement signed between the Federation, LaLiga and AFE had to be submitted to the Higher Sports Council, which could extend the moratorium until the end of the contracts of the affected players with their clubs (and who had been registered before Brexit). In this sense, CSD sources assured AS that there has not been this extension of the transitional period (half of last season) for British players to have community status until their current contracts expire, but they are open, Whenever the legal framework allows it, to study it if there is consensus between the three parties that signed the previous agreement (Liga, RFEF and AFE). Atlético and Real Madrid still have that option open… 444 444The particular case of Bale and Madrid.

In the case of Madrid, Bale occupying an extra-community position is a problem. The rule says that there can only be three on staff (and that all three can act simultaneously on the field). In addition to Bale, who earns 15 million euros net a year and who, according to his entourage to this newspaper, will wear "safe" white this season, there are three important players without a European passport. They are Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao. If the rule does not change, to register Bale in LaLiga, one of them will not be able to play the championship. There are two other non-Europeans, such as the Japanese Kubo and the Brazilian Reinier, who will be transferred for sure and do not enter the equation.Of the three affected Brazilians, Vinicius is the one who is closest to obtaining dual nationality (the Spanish, in addition to the Brazilian), which would stop occupying a foreigner position, but they assure from their environment that the administrative problems caused by the pandemic have delayed the procedures and that his situation will hardly be resolved in the coming months. Spanish law says that to start the process you must have been working uninterruptedly in the country for at least two years.

Madrid has the option of looking for alternatives in case, indeed, Bale ends up occupying an extra-community position and the process to obtain the dual nationality of Vinicius is prolonged. There is a feasible one, and that is to register Rodrygo (less used than Vinicius and Militao) with Castilla. In this way, Ancelotti could have him on hand to play the Cup and the Super Cup (neither of these two competitions has a professional character) and also the Champions League. The European competition does not contemplate this maximum quota of three from outside the EU, but rather imposes other restrictions such as that a certain number of players who have left the quarry or are nationals must be registered for each team. In this option, that of Rodrygo being registered with Castilla, he could not play the league championship until Vinicius obtained dual citizenship and vacated that place.

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