Atlético seeks to sharpen the aim in the city of Mozart

The focus will once again be on Saul. Simeone, who will give the list today, could get an eleven very similar to last Saturday in Burgo de Osma, Soria.


Salzburgo lives between his two passions: music and football. The beautiful Austrian city hosts its famous Classical Music Festival, one of the best in the world. Its centenary is commemorated and Salzburg is decked out for the occasion. In the area of the cathedral and in the main squares there are stages to host the representations. Culture is breathed in Mozart's city and the Austrians boast of it.

It is striking how little noise there is despite having so many tourists. People want to have fun and there are many concerts planned for August. And Atlético sneaks into the Festival. In Salzburg there was nothing in the preview of the match to suggest that the LaLiga champion plays here. Another thing is what happens in the game because the stadium will have just over 20,000 spectators. The part of the soccer city itself will turn upside down with the meeting. Red Bull Salzburg has already had two official games and will be much more filmed than Atlético, but that doesn't matter much to Simeone. For the home team, it is a beautiful test and has little of a friendly shock.Cholo's plans

The Madrid team, meanwhile, has incorporated De Paul and this week several footballers have joined the team. But they are not yet to compete. The leading role will be played by the players from the quarry, in addition to Saúl, acclaimed by the fans in El Burgo de Osma (Soria). The midfielder felt the warmth of his fans, even that of President Cerezo, who was very affectionate towards him. In the game he was discreet and only showed his quality in one play. In England they say it will end there and United seems to be taking the lead. We will see what happens. Be it one way or another, and until his future is definitively clarified, Saúl is in the spotlight. The rival forces him to show a good level, the same as Atlético. Simeone has already made it clear that the red-and-white shirt weighs and that you have to leave everything in each match.

The league champion faces two more games this week in his preparation. It is about gaining rhythm and winning some youth squad for the cause. Giuliano, Cholo's son, showed hunger and desire in the match in Soria. And that should serve to infect the rest. Arias already played against Numancia and could have minutes. The clash also has value for Marcos Paulo, the Brazilian who is struggling to stay in the squad. It will be complicated. Atlético seeks to refine and compose its team at the Salzburg Festival. He seeks to sharpen his aim and baste the game in view of when the most important thing arrives. Cholo has to start getting a good score.

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