"Abellán asked Madrid for ten million in exchange for the tapes"

Onda Cero reveals that it was the price that the journalist put on Fernández de Blas, vice president of the club, for "making the audios recorded by Florentino Pérez disappear."


'El Transistor', Onda Cero's sports program, reported in its last broadcast that journalist José Antonio Abellán asked the vice president of Real Madrid for ten million euros in exchange for the Florentino Pérez audios that El Confidencial is publishing. "Real Madrid had an offer to make Florentino Pérez's recorded audios disappear. The journalist who filters the audios, José Antonio Abellán, asked for ten million euros from Eduardo Fernández de Blas, vice president of Madrid," said journalist Carlos Bustillo, who detailed the place and date on which the events occurred: "The meeting where this offer was made was in 2011, at the 'Combarro' restaurant, in Madrid."

This newspaper has tried to confirm this information with Eduardo Fernández de Blas, but has not received a response. On the other hand, the official account of Real Madrid on Twitter, with almost 38 million followers, has published the following message: "The Onda Cero Transistor reveals that Abellán had a meeting in 2011 with the vice president of RM, Eduardo Fernández de Blas, at the Combarro restaurant, in which he blackmailed him by asking for € 10 million to make the illegally and manipulated recorded audios disappear ". Abellán has responded to that message on the same social network: "Let's see if I find out, the Vice-president of @realmadrid accuses me of extortion in 2011 ... 10 years ago ... and nobody denounced me then? And the president, meanwhile, uses the club's website and the members for his personal benefit ... You are almost like Calderón's Board ... or worse ... ". In this matter, in the event of lawsuits by one or the other party, it will play an important role that those affected are summoned as defendants or as witnesses. If they go to court as investigated they can lie in their own defense, but if they are called to give testimony they are obliged to tell the truth or commit the crime of false testimony, with criminal consequences.

The former director of AS, Alfredo Relaño, published an article in this newspaper on Wednesday in which he assured that José Antonio Abellán offered him audios by Florentino Pérez on three occasions that would "make Real Madrid explode." Relaño rejected the recordings. According to Onda Cero, other media, including 'Voz Populi' and 'El Mundo', also received the offer, but also rejected it. Real Madrid published a statement from its president in which he assures that the recordings are "clandestine", that Abellán had spent several years "trying to sell them without success" and that they are "taken out of context", and therefore reserves the legal actions that assist him for what has put the matter in the hands of the office of criminal lawyer Gonzalo Rodríguez Mourullo.

For its part, El Confidencial has published today the latest installment of Florentino's recordings in which the criticisms of the president of Real Madrid are heard against journalists and media related to the club in his second stage at the head of the entity.

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