Araujo heads to Greece and Jesé exercises alone

In the next few hours, the Argentine's agreement with AEK of Athens will be made official, a transfer with which Miguel Ángel Ramínez seeks to make money.

There is little time left for the final outcome of the departure of Sergio Araujo, who this morning did not exercise with the rest of his teammates to travel to Athens in order to sign his contract with AEK. For his part, Jesé trains in Barranco Seco outside the group.

A dead king, currently placed king of UD Las Palmas. Before the departure of Araujo, which will become official in the next few hours, Jesé Rodríguez prepares his set-up in the sports city of the yellow club. Although he still does not exercise with the rest of his teammates, this Wednesday he began his set-up individually and in parallel with the group with his sights set on having his first preseason in a long time, as he himself commented yesterday once his continuity in the UD one more year stating that "I need to do a full preseason to start with the group. This has not happened for a long time" .

The Gran Canaria winger will continue these days with this return protocol, as will goalkeeper Álex Domínguez, who does not train with the group at the moment after having overcome COVID-19 and having passed the relevant medical examination.On the other hand, Maikel Mesa, Álvaro Lemos and Aridai remain isolated after being in close contact with Cristian Cedrés, who tested positive for COVID-19 last Monday.

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