Antonio Martín, president of the ACB until 2025

The clubs of the Association unanimously agreed to expand their presence in office. The president was appointed in July 2018.


The acb clubs have unanimously proposed and agreed to renew Antonio Martín as president of the Association of Basketball Clubs until 2025.

Antonio Martín (Madrid, 1966) was appointed president of the acb in July 2018 for a period of four seasons, until 2022. One year before its end, the clubs wanted to reinforce their confidence in the management carried out and have proposed and agreed unanimously the renewal of its mandate until 2025.

In his three years at the helm of the acb, Antonio Martín and his management team -with General Director José Miguel Calleja at the helm- have faced the challenges of the pandemic and the change in direction and image of the organization, in addition to leading a economic growth with 23% more income, and normalize relations with the organizations that make up the Spanish basketball ecosystem.

"Thank the clubs for their trust"

Antonio Martín wanted to "thank the clubs for their confidence, both in the management carried out and in what we can do together in the coming years. Since I arrived in 2018 I have felt their full support" .

"This decision shows that despite the different nature of each of the clubs, they have shown great generosity to work together and to take the acb to the next level of interest. We have the best national league in Europe, with very great teams, coaches, players and referees of the first world order. We have a long way to go; our challenge is to be more and more attractive, reach more audiences and continue to grow in income generation ", he adds.

Finally, the president of the acb stressed that "this renewal also has to do with institutional stability fostered by good relations with the CSD, the FEB and other organizations, which share constructive dialogue to make basketball grow."

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