An option for Busquets to leave Barcelona

He has had proposals from the United States on the table for months, but at the European Championship he has shown that his place is still in the elite.


It was revealed by the journalist Fabrizio Romano, specialist in market affairs, in a chat on social networks, and AS was able to confirm it. Sergio Busquets has been handling MLS offers for months to cross the pond and play in the American league, where stars such as Pelé, Cruyff, Beckenbauer and, more recently, the Rooney, Beckham, Ibrahimovic have historically passed through ...

Sergio Busquets is struck by the idea. The offer reached his agent, but Busquets is not yet on that screen of his career. At almost 33 years old (he meets them on July 16), he has proven to be at a high level this season with Barça, where he has once again raised titles and is one of the key players, and in the Eurocup, where he has become in the captain and team leader of Luis Enrique.

Barça, for the moment, has Busquets and does not want him to go to the United States. He needs, yes, the midfielder to significantly reduce his record like Messi and the rest of the sacred cows. Hence, in recent times, Mateu Alemany has spoken with his agent (Josep Maria Orobitg) and his lawyers to try to reach an agreement, which could involve the signing of a new, longer contract that would allow delaying some payments to the wait for revenue to grow again. In principle, and if the parties do not change their minds, the idea is that Busquets continues at Barça next season and the jump to the United States wait, at least, until the end of the Qatar World Cup and the 2022-23 season.

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