"Alonso already has it"

Budkowski celebrates the Asturian's level and waits for Ocon, who "works hard". He regrets that the flexible spoilers affect the 2022 car.


Alonso has scored points in the last four races of the World Championship and that seems to be Alpine's goal for the remainder of the championship: set good Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; strengthen their structure on the circuits and prepare for 2022, when they hope to present a car capable of fighting for podiums. In 2020 they had it, because Red Bull was not a fixture of the 'top-3' and Ferrari had disappeared from the map, but this campaign both Maranello and McLaren have taken a leap in quality that will hardly be imitated by Aston Martin, Alpha Tauri or the old Renault .

Marcin Budkowski, executive director of the team, celebrates the Asturian's latest results and applauds his progress, especially in qualifying: "He was never far away, already in Bahrain he took everything he had out of the car and put it in Q3. But you need to build the 'set. -up, you need the confidence and you need to perform one hundred percent in a very short lap ". "A rider like Fernando, despite his enormous experience, had to get used to dealing with tire temperatures in traffic situations and other details that greatly influence qualifying. It takes time, but he already has it," says the original engineer. Polish.

On the other side of the garage, Ocon does not find those sensations that confirmed him as a pylon hammer in the first segment of the season: "It's difficult. The middle zone is very competitive, we see it every weekend and every tenth account. Esteban he was two tenths slower than Fernando in Styria's Q1, it's not much, but one can get to Q3 and the other stays in Q1 ". "He worked a lot since then, he spent the week between races with the engineers looking at differences between Fernando's style and his. And he was close." Esteban did not score in any of the France-Austria triplet races.

Improvements and flexibility.

Budkowski confesses that he has skipped a grand prize to closely follow Enstone's work, "the 2022 car gets a lot of attention." Nor is the presence of Pat Fry, technical director, common on the circuits. Work on the A521 from 2021 is focused on reinforcing what works and fine-tuning the settings, because there will be little news from now on: "We are doing some small parts, but the work on improvements and wind tunnel has been almost completely addressed. towards next year's project ".

However, Budkowski admits that a fact has destabilized the factory routines in recent weeks: "We worked on the modifications of the rear wing per the famous technical directive (which limited the flexibility of the parts). It is forcing us to dedicate a lot of resources and money, because we have to talk about many types of spoilers, one for each level of downforce. We designed the spoilers according to the rules, they passed all the tests, but now we are spending a lot of money to adapt them to the new tests. "

"The performance of the car has barely changed, but we are dedicating money and resources that we could allocate to the 2022 car. I know that the FIA can change the tests whenever it wants, but the impact for us is very great", laments the manager, who sees it as "collateral damage" from the fight for the World Cup between Red Bull and Mercedes.

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