Alonso justifies F1 Sprint

Even if we had only witnessed the Asturian's six overtakings at the start, the invention would have been worthwhile ... But more things happened.


The F1 Sprint, that short 17-lap race that Liberty pulled out of his sleeve to decide Silverstone's pole position, did not disappoint one iota. In just half an hour into the race, many things happened, almost as much or more than in the traditional competition on Sundays. It was a frenzied spectacle, just what the organizer was looking for to lift a World Cup that in recent years lived mired in infinite yawning, caused by the insulting dominance of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. This course is no longer alone, Max Verstappen is standing up to him with Red Bull, which is already a good transition towards that new regulation that will come into force in 2022 to, theoretically, equalize the cars and the drivers. This will allow us to more frequently witness exhibitions such as the one that Fernando Alonso gave this Saturday, who passed six cars at the start. House brand. The Spanish came to be fifth, although later he gave up two places and will start seventh. Alonso is magical in short distances.

More things happened, although for that alone it would have been worth it. Verstappen overtook Hamilton on that same outing, reversing the order of Friday's qualifying, and the two were evenly matched at various stages. His teammate Checo Pérez had worse luck and finished last after spinning and retiring. Carlos Sainz was propelled to that same tail position by a mistake by George Russell, but he also brought out the magic, just as his compatriot had done moments before, to advance nine places and climb to eleventh place. Perhaps the debate, from a purist perspective, is whether this sprint decides the Sunday grid with justice, because an outside contact plunges you into the well, but it cannot be denied that it offers a show, with fewer interruptions, and two vibrant and very different for the price of one.

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