Alonso's incredible departure: "Others stop pretty early"

The Spaniard went from eleventh to fifth: "I had a good time the first lap and then quite regular. For me it was a marathon, a sprint."


Alonso commented in Dazn after the sprint race about his great start, “from eleventh to fifth”, and his subsequent defense against faster cars to finish seventh at Silverstone. “A very aggressive start. We were out of position when we were fifth, I had to let the McLarens go and I focused on Sebastian (Vettel). We started seventh in the race, when in a normal time it would have been eleventh. Not bad, "said the Asturian.

On their maneuvers: “Many races have been braking quite early, I remember overtaking Carlos and Gasly on the inside in Baku and in the two in Austria, I also passed several cars on the inside. I am more confident than some rivals in the first corner and we usually take advantage of it. There was action in the first corners and we gained positions, but then we suffered a bit because we were out of position and also the red tire had more degradation. ”

"I had the intention of going outside, if I tell you the truth, because like everyone else was doing it, I was overtaking off the track, which is what they have done to me so many times until now," he commented regarding the overtaking on the outside of Norris in Copse. “I had a good time the first lap and then quite regular. For me it was a marathon, a sprint, this race did not end with so much defense ”. “On these long circuits we suffer a lot so when we have a faster car behind us, sooner or later we crash. Sometimes it is better to let them pass early than to defend too much, "said the two-time Spanish champion.

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