Alonso's Alpine in 2022?

The Enstone firm projected its livery on the prototype presented by the FIA on Thursday. It is not the real car, but it serves as a sketch for the upcoming season.

It will be different, that's for sure, although the philosophy of the cars of 2022 has been well represented by the prototype that Formula 1 presented this Thursday at Silverstone. Most teams have taken advantage of the car to project their decorations on the bodywork and leave a first sketch of how their cars can be from next year, and among those who did it is Alpine, who shared a theoretical A522 from all angles .

Next season, F1s will have simpler aerodynamics and will use ground effect to generate grip in corners without releasing currents of 'dirty air' that harm cars immediately behind. That will facilitate the fights on the track, wheel to wheel. At the same time, the FIA technicians hope they have drawn up a regulation that will limit the legal loopholes and prevent a manufacturer from finding benefits where no one had even thought to look for them. It will be a more even championship, at least in the medium term, and Fernando Alonso will get on an Alpine similar to the one they represent today.

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