Alcaraz: "In the end I said, 'I've thrown a lot of eggs on him'"

Carlos Alcaraz confessed what he had told his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, after beating Uchiyama in five sets. "You have been tough," he admitted.


Carlos Alcaraz addressed the media after winning his first match on grass and at Wimbledon against Japan's Yasutaka Uchiyama in five sets. The 18-year-old from Murcia, increasingly loose in his appearances, revealed what he had said to his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, just after the match: "In the end I told him, 'I've thrown a lot of eggs on him."

Carlos explained what it meant for him to play for the first time on grass at a professional level: "I had played in juniors here two years ago, but it is nothing comparable. It was hard, because I had not been able to play any tournament on grass before arriving here, where I improved little by little in training. In the game I felt good, I knew how to fight and suffer ".

His next commitment in the tournament, he faces it with enthusiasm: “It is to enjoy, to live the moment of playing against Medvedev, who is number two”. Finally, I talk about his phobia of insects, in relation to the appearance of a bumblebee in his meeting with Uchiyama: “A little scared if they give me, not other animals. It is "all about wearing white." "I find it very beautiful, precious."

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