Agüero rehearses his role

Kun is Lautaro's official substitute in Argentina. The Barça leaders already warned him before his signing that his role will be that of Ansu's replacement.


At just turned 33, Sergio Agüero lives a new time. At the end of his time at City, he became a legend in the city of Manchester, Kun became a Barça player a month ago, aware that his career enters other coordinates that he is now rehearsing in the Copa América. Before becoming a Barça footballer, the new leaders of the Barça club explained to him that the preconceived plan for him was that of a substitute. Agüero accepted it, which does not mean that, if he can finally be registered for salary issues, he will end up playing a handful of games as a starter.

Agüero, however, accepted this new role. Barça's plan is that, if Ansu recovers, he will be the starting nine next season, with Depay and Messi as companions in the 2020-21 Barça 4-3-3, a drawing that Laporta would have 'demanded' (it must have been curious the conversation) to Koeman in his dialogues to continue as Barça coach.

For now, Agüero has been rehearsing that role in the Copa América. He is the official substitute for Lautaro Martínez in the tournament and has only played two games as a starter, against Paraguay and Bolivia. In the rest, their presence has been testimonial. He left ten minutes against Chile in the first game and one minute against Ecuador in the quarterfinals. Against Uruguay, in the first match of the tournament, they did not participate. Against Colombia, in the semifinal, he also had no minutes.

Agüero is aware that this is the plan that awaits him at this Barça, even if the team is minimal. His objective, and the sporting goal for which the club has signed him, is to be able to optimize his minutes. May he be fresh on the days that he is a starter, that he exploits his partnership with Messi and that he decides stuck games because, in the area, and even though he is 33 years old, few decide like him. Kun has experience, instinct and spirit. He knows what Barça specifically expects of him and seems in the perfect predisposition to give it to him. They are going to ask you to prepare for that.

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