"Nice, aggressive, different"

F1 presented the 2022 prototype at Silverstone. This weekend the qualifying race opens. "It can be fun," says Sainz.


Ross Brawn was seen for several hours around the 2022 prototype, exhibited in the Silverstone paddock, as the painter who does not stray a meter from his work. This Thursday saw the light of the first life-size model of a Formula 1 of next year and about its premiere was discussed in almost all groups. Between pilots, who were photographed around them hours before, and between technicians and journalists. The first conclusions to a meter of distance: it is big, as much as the current ones, and with a quite simplified aerodynamics. Good so that the races are more even and two cars can follow each other without diving into the 'dirty air'. Although the most repeated comment along with the hospitality of the manufacturers was: "Ours is different" .

Carlos Sainz spoke with AS and the rest of the Spanish media in front of the car and said: "I find it nice, aggressive, especially from the front wheels towards the back. The nose doesn't appeal to me much, but you will see different solutions. It's a simpler car. and in theory more apt to follow each other. If it brings more spectacle, welcome. " Is the Ferrari also like that? "That question cannot be answered. It is different…". The Madrilenian, who has tested the Maranello version in the simulator, added: "It is heavier, the braking is longer, different in many things but not so much when driving it."

There are still a few grand prizes to see that car on the track, and this weekend's, in Great Britain, has a unique incentive: pole on Friday (after just one practice session), short race on Saturday and conventional race on Sunday. What does Sainz think? "It can be fun to go straight to qualifying after just one free practice. Running a mini race looks like fun too and there are more opportunities to regain positions on the first lap, or there are incidents." "It wakes us all up a bit, it forces us to change our minds, with 23 races the format of the grand prix can be monotonous", ditch.

Alonso: "There are risks in the short race"

Alonso is waiting for the 'F1 Sprint': "There are risks in the short race because any problem or contact will make you start behind. You have to take risks and take opportunities, but with more margins than in Sunday's race ".

The Asturian also warned that the Alpine will not be so different from this car planned for the next campaign: "There will not be many differences, the rules are very strict and there is no freedom from the past. There will be varied philosophies, but that will only be seen by the eye. expert". "It was a presentation for the fans and the outsiders, we know what the car will be like. Still, it was good to see all the drivers together looking to the future. I hope with fewer differences between cars and more candidates for victories." said the two-time Spanish champion.

The threat of Mercedes in Silverstone

In the previous one, Hamilton said that winning this World Cup is "a lot to ask" given the level of Red Bull, and Bottas assured that the improvements that Mercedes brings at home will allow them, at least, to dispute the poles to Verstappen. The Dutchman leads the World Championship with 32 points over Sir Lewis and has won the last four races of 2021. He also won the last visit to Silverstone, the 70th Anniversary GP in 2020, when this circuit is, theoretically, Mercedes territory. At least this time the British will have a relevant element in his favor: 140,000 fans will fill the track on Sunday, as when there was no pandemic. Sold out has already been posted.

Photos from as.com
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