A monumental traffic jam almost left Sergio García without playing

The 41-year-old from Castellón had to stop some policemen on motorcycles to make way for him to get to the field in time to go out to play.


Sergio García made two impressive putts on holes 17 and 18 to finish the day with -2, four strokes behind leader Oosthuizen and as the best Spaniard of the day on the opening day of the British Open. However, the 41-year-old from Castellón experienced moments of anxiety and uncertainty ... to reach the field due to a monumental traffic jam.

"We are 20 minutes from the field by car and every day we had arrived safely. I left home at about 8.10, two hours in advance, but when we reached a roundabout, already in Sandwich, there were several buses stopped and we have been more than half an hour without moving. In the end, we stopped some motorcycle police officers, we explained to them that I was late to play, and they made way for us. We arrived with less than 40 minutes to go, we warmed up a bit and started playing ", revealed the winner of the Augusta Masters in 2017.

Photos from as.com
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