6 reasons for Griezmann's return to Atlético

The Frenchman left in a bad way, but he has a fantastic relationship with Simeone. Top scorer in his five years, would further enhance the new style.


Antoine Griezmann's path to return to Atlético seems to be getting clearer. The rojiblanco club and Barcelona continue to work on the exchange that would entail the return of the Frenchman and the departure of Saúl to the Blaugrana team with the main approval of the two technicians involved. Simeone would not put any fault to the incorporation of the French, indeed, he would receive him with open arms. El Cholo brought out the best version of Griezmann, took him twice to finish as a Bronze Ball (third best player in the world that year) and would reinforce a league champion squad with a renowned striker. These are the technician's main reasons for wanting his return:

Know the method

Griezmann would not take a day to enter into Cholo's plans. If the signings usually need some time to adapt, the Frenchman knows the coach's way of working by heart and has probably been the star that has best adapted to all of Simeone's needs, finding his ideal location on the pitch, something that he did not. he has had in Barcelona, and putting on the overalls whenever it has been necessary. Griezmann is, beyond one of the cracks of the League by status and salary, a worker on the field when it is necessary to apply himself in defense, something that Simeone instilled in him and that he has continued to do as a Blaugrana and with the French team. His football evolution did not imply a neglect of his obligations and Cholo is the coach who has gotten the most juice.

The goal, the most valuable thing

If the most expensive thing in football is the goal, Simeone could receive Luis Suárez and Griezmann in two consecutive summers. The Frenchman has reached 20 goals in seven of his last eight seasons, remaining in 15 his debut course at Barcelona. As rojiblanco he was the top scorer of the squad in his five campaigns at the club, reaching 32 goals in the 2015-16 season, where Atlético reached the Champions League final. In his first year he had scored 25 goals, 26 in the third, 29 in the fourth and 21 in the fifth. His lowest figure, which occurred just before he left and which is the same number of goals that Suárez has scored this season as the top scorer in the squad. In addition, Griezmann contributes in many other facets of the game with his vision to assist and to generate football by going down to receive.

Troubled departure with the fans, but not with the coach

Griezmann left leaving a cloud of dust in his goodbye. A summer before he had used a documentary to announce that he was staying, something that angered the fans a lot and in 2019 he said he said goodbye through a video stating that he accepted the offer of Barcelona, that he paid his clause. Before he had left controversial statements, even indicating in an interview that his options to go to Manchester United were "six out of ten" and to remain at Atlético "seven out of ten". Very reprehensible attitudes off the field that have led to part of the fans not wanting their return. However, his personal relationship with Simeone has always been fantastic. Their families keep a great friendship and the footballer has always fulfilled on the field. If it were his words that killed him, his effort on the pitch was flawless.

Feeling important again

Something that Simeone has would be a maximum motivation for Griezmann on his return. The Frenchman would be willing to cut his salary significantly and try to win over his fans through goals. The Frenchman left as a benchmark for Atlético, one of the great players in the world, but his stay in Messi's shadow has not worked out as expected. His value has fallen, his positioning also and he has gone from being the headliner to a secondary footballer among the range of Blaugrana stars. At Atlético he would once again be a reference on the field and would compete for high levels. In 2016 and 2018 it was a Bronze Ball and its great goal would be to once again be among the greatest.

Fit in the new system

Atletico has won the League with a more colorful football, with possession, attacking play, dominance and constant arrivals to the rival area. It is a settled squad, where the spine will be maintained unlike what happened in the previous League title, Griezmann has fit in the attack behind Luis Suárez, thrown on the wing or even acting as a spearhead in the absence of the Uruguayan . The idea of the club was to look for a substitute nine for their goalscorer, but the opportunity to incorporate Griezmann has fallen from the sky and would reinforce the lead with another style of footballer, but with a goal and the ability to mark the differences.Maximum internal competition

Simeone has always advocated having the greatest possible internal competition and that it is the grass that decides. If Griezmann arrives, Atlético will have a truly luxurious attack. He has incorporated De Paul in the center of the field, which would be the relief to Saúl's departure, and the Argentine arrives as a great figure after the Copa América. Marcos Paulo joins the band with Vitolo's goodbye, and the fight for minutes upstairs would seem enormous. Koke is a fixture in the middle, Marcos Llorente carried out an impressive course, Lemar has taken off, João Félix has a huge future, Correa finished as one of the best players on the team, Suárez scored the goal ... and Kondogbia and Herrera would remain as alternatives in between. A squad to compete for everything and try to repeat the league success and dream about everything in the rest of the competitions.

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