White, the Ordago of Ancelotti

The Italian coach has loved the reports from the Cordoba midfielder, who will be the new Casemiro 3.0 in the new season that is coming.

Antonio Blanco, who will turn 21 on July 23, will be the great 'covered' signing of Ancelotti's new project. The one from Montalbán (Córdoba) is going to be Casemiro 3.0. A midfielder with plant, personality, collective sense of the game, positional discipline and a lot of courage to stand up in the worst situations. As AS learned, Ancelotti has loved what he has seen in the videos of his 218 minutes and four games played under Zidane's orders, and the written reports that reflect his professionalism and splendid performance despite his youth.It is already known that since Marcos Llorente left two years ago, Casemiro's position has remained unfolded. Kroos, Valverde and even Modric have filled the Brazilian's hole on the few occasions in which he has been absent (due to a penalty or due to the few injuries he has had). With Antonio Blanco, this obvious problem has been solved and settled.

The Cordovan has shown, especially in his ownership at Carranza against Cádiz, that he is ready to make his final leap to Real Madrid. In fact, the idea of the club is to give him one of the 25 chips of the first team, which he has earned for his good performance in white (in honor of his surname), in addition to giving him stripes in a position in which the Brazilian until now he has not had a substitute. In addition, Antonio Blanco made his debut with the Absolute Selection on June 8 in Butarque, where La Roja was in a B version that to me, in particular, seemed more daring and fun than A. It was true that it was actually the Under-21 the one that thrashed the Lithuanians (4-0), but officially it has remained for the kids as a match played with Spain A, which has had an impact on their contracts with all merit.

Blanco started last season as a starter, under the command of Raúl, lifting the Youth League title in August on August 25 (against Benfica), later helping the white legend in Castilla, who ended up playing the playoff for the promotion. In fact, his absence to help the first team was key for the subsidiary to stay on the edge of the desired goal (after drawing 0-0 with Ibiza).

Ancelotti knows that the youth squad can play with Casemiro or even by his side, given that despite his youth he shows a lot of maturity and control of the position in a position that is fundamental in the Italian's scheme. Blanco will have a record from the first team. More than deserved.

Photos from as.com
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