Viñales: "Nobody understands the situation I am in"

"The solution is: 'put the same bike as Fabio. The same electronics, same suspensions, everything. And see what happens'. Here I will copy exactly everything," he says.


Maverick Viñales ended up very angry at the German GP, where he qualified penultimate for the grid and finished last, and he did not get over his anger when he reached Assen.

-What have you gotten positive from Germany?

-Honestly, it is not a question of whether I am happy or not, I did not feel respected as a pilot. He had never been in that position as a driver, finishing last in a race. I don't remember any race in my life where it happened to me. That is why I am disappointed. I don't understand anything about how things are going. The problem is that every time I try to find a solution they answer me: 'I don't know'. We need something more and we will look for it because there are many problems. The strange thing was Losail, where I went first and with that superiority. I went from first to last. Maybe now I'm first again. It's hard to stay motivated. I gave up many times because I don't understand it. I want to work, work smart and the answer is 'I don't know'. It is difficult to accept.

-How does Quartararo influence on Yamaha?

-I don't think it's related to him. The solution is: put the same bike as Fabio: the same electronics, the same suspensions, everything. And see what happen. Here at Assen I will copy exactly everything. We will see where we are. But it shouldn't be like that. You should try, find your set-up, make the bike for your riding. I am forced to do it because I cannot keep wasting time, losing sensations. In Germany I fell for no reason: without leaning, without pressing with the front brake. Here: they put stiffer suspensions, I will. I will have to adapt, I will take risks, but at least I will go the same as the one on the other side of the garage.

-How is work with Galbusera going compared to what you were doing with Esteban?

-Both with Esteban and Silvano I feel great. Working with both of them has been and is being fantastic. I am learning many new things. From bad things you learn things that, perhaps, you did not notice and in the future they will serve you well. The problem is not having an answer to what is happening. The 'I don't know' is already a bit repetitive and that's what annoys me. If they told me: 'There is this'. I'd say, 'Okay, well, we're working on that.' But most weekends it's a constant 'I don't know'. I no longer know where to work, to move forward, where there is. Before I lacked a bit of grip; now the braking, the turning, the acceleration fails me. It has become very difficult to ride the bike, even on one lap. On the first lap I almost fell three or four times in corners where I had never had a problem. When we know where the problem is, it can be fixed. As a pilot it is difficult to work on the 'I don't know'.

-How do you recover morally from a blow like the one in Germany and how does the criticism fit in?

-I have already deleted myself from social networks. I keep Instagram because I like it. We hang out with friends to laugh. Nobody understands the situation I am in, nobody gets on the bike. It is complicated when people speak without knowing. It is free to criticize. There are criticisms that are better not to look at you, but others are constructive. You have to put them in the positive sense. Other times he had let it pass; not this time. Other times it was: 'we will try to solve it in the next one'. This time it hurt. I will not forget this. I am convinced that at Assen I can do well for being a track that I like, but on the other hand, I am very angry, I have never been so angry in my life.

-Who is he angry with?

-With the situation that has arrived.

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