Two drivers against Hamilton

Verstappen and Pérez, in harmony because Checo knows that "the team is ahead of the driver." The Mexican is an asset to unbalance the World Cup.


Hamilton swept the previous years, although it is true that he had rivals. Rosberg kept the World Cup alive until Abu Dhabi twice, won once, and Vettel held the pulse twice until the summer. But the seven-time champion had never before faced a team as powerful as his, Red Bull, and a driver in a state of grace like Max Verstappen. In addition, the seven-time English champion faces an added problem: Checo Pérez gives the level of the RB16B, wins races, makes podiums, interferes with strategies to fight for victory and will never stand between Mad Max and a win. It's a two against one.

AS has consulted several sources from a very particular garage, the one in Milton Keynes, and the 31-year-old Mexican driver has integrated well. The structure of the team is centered on Verstappen, it is not a surprise for him, but he has tied himself smoothly to a moving train that was not going to stop to wait for him. He is aware that in 2021 he must comply and renew, and later he may have his chance to fight for a title. The negotiation to extend his one-year contract does not worry him: "It will be something natural if it happens easily, I focus on the track."

Verstappen likes Czech, although months ago he would have preferred Hulkenberg. "I knew Sergio before he was my partner and so far it has been great. Working together to obtain the best possible result is what you want as a pilot, he is a great partner and we can also have a great time, we don't have to talk all the time. car hangout and 'set-up'. There will be no tension on the track when one meets the other because Pérez is not up for the job: "We want to do our best, but the team is ahead of the driver. We have to win titles this year and we have to work together." This is not to say that Gasly or Albon, Max's former teammates, did not cooperate. They just weren't getting close to the area of the peloton where the World Cups are played.

The Red Bulls race at home two races in a row, at Spielberg, after winning the last three grands prix with Verstappen (Monaco), Czech (Azerbaijan) and again Max (France). The flex ailerons pass and tire pressures change, but the car continues to cause problems for Mercedes.

So the 23-year-old World Championship leader did not miss the opportunity at the FIA press conference to send a message to the stewards: "In Paul Ricard it was seen that everything (at Red Bull) was legal. But I must To say that just as (the flexibility) is examined in the rear wing, tests should also be done in the front wing. It depends on the FIA. " It refers to some pirated videos that circulate on 'Youtube' of Mercedes' on-board cameras. The front aerodynamics dance, with every braking. There is tension in the 'pit-lane', although Verstappen has found an unexpected ally to stand up to the champion.News for Hamilton and Mercedes

On the other side of the front, Hamilton was concerned that the British GP, after Austria, will be held with full capacity. "I'm excited to see the people, the best fans in the world, but I watch the news and the cases go up in the UK. It seems premature to me." Sir Lewis revealed that he has already started negotiations to extend his contract with Mercedes, although he made it clear who he wants as a partner. "Valtteri (Bottas) is my team, I don't see a need to change," he settled. When Toto Wolff also considers George Russell.

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