Trae Young legend match blows up East final

Historic night of the great point guard (48 + 11) for some Hawks that steal the fancha factor against some Bucks denied in the shot. Capela achieved the decisive basket.


With Trae as a franchise player you can't go far. Yes, he scores a lot, but ... A lot of highlight peeeeero ... And the defense, what? The choristers who have raised doubts about Trae Young since his arrival in the NBA will surely lower their voices as soon as these 2021 playoffs (dream) for the Atlanta Hawks are over. They don't finish: They could have lost to the Knicks in the first round and they should have lost to the Sixers in the second. But they have reached the conference final, something exotic for the franchise since the move to Georgia. A field that Dominique Wilkins did not step on (basically because of Larry Bird and the Celtics). And which came in 2015 a team trained by, precisely, Mike Budenholzer, now highly questioned tenant of the rival bench. That project that won 60 games (Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, DeMarre Carroll, Dennis Schröder ...) was swept (4-0) by the Cavaliers in that East final six years ago. So this is a no-go zone for the Atlanta Hawks: 113-116 at Milwaukee and 0-1 in their favor. Three victories from the Finals. Since moving from St Louis-Atlanta, never seen before. We talk about 1968.

Trae Young's arrival in the NBA was from a 2018 draft that is on track to be one of the best ever. And it doesn't seem like an exaggeration right now (not too risky) as we watch that litter get their chest out in these Conference finals. With Mikal Bridges, Kevin Huerter and, of course, DeAndre Ayton (the man from the Vallley oop) and Trae Young. Two players chased by the shadow of Luka Doncic: Ayton was number 1, two places ahead of the Slovenian. Trae was five, two behind, but the Hawks traded them after taking over the former Real Madrid). And two that, no matter how good Doncic is, which he is, are marking their territory and burying the comparisons: each one is fine where it is. Sometimes you don't have to complicate things more than you should.

Trae, because basketball can sometimes be simplified that much, is the reason the Hawks won in Wisconsin and broke the court factor. For which his team continues to bite and surprise, breaking forecasts: 6-2 already out of each in the playoffs. From the noisy Madison Square Garden of Manhatttan to the hostile Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and from there, with almost no time to breathe, to a Fiserv Forum that first seemed to drag the dramatic shock of everything that gave birth to the series against the Nets and then ended with the concern of having seen one of those players who can beat you. The Hawks beat the Sixers three times out of four on the court. And they have beaten first on a court that was undefeated in the playoffs after the Heat and Nets passed. The Bucks are still favorites, even huge favorites, but the Hawks are no joke.

Trae (22 years old) was an all star in 2020 but did not repeat this season. Things surely from the poor performance of his team until Lloyd Pierce gave way to Nate McMillan. So, it was March 1, the Hawks were 14-20 and they were eleventh in the East despite having made a lot of noise in the market and having raised the bar for their expectations. They finished the season 41-31 (27-11 with McMillan), they have eliminated Knicks and Sixers without a court factor in their favor and have started with their hunger intact and without any fear against some Bucks who are still a better team, it is assumed, but that Starting tomorrow they face monstrous pressure against a rival with nothing to lose and happy amidst the embers of the (blessed) chaos it is causing.

The Hawks, remember, have De'Andre Hunter injured. And Cam Reddish just got discharged but he didn't play this game. And, more importantly, they have very touched Bogdan Bogdanovic (this time 4 points in 27 minutes). But they have Huerter (13 points), Capela (12 and 19 rebounds), John Collins (23 + 15)… and Trae Young, of course. They have Trae Young: 48 points, 7 rebounds, 11 assists, 17/34 shooting and a prodigious performance. 12 points in the first quarter so that the local superiority was not reflected on the scoreboard (28-25), 25 at halftime, another 12 in a fabulous third quarter that turned the inertia (26-34) and leadership at the end, with blood cold on free throws. With 111-110 Khris Middleton missed (a constant), and Trae missed but Capela, between four rivals, took the rebound and scored. Then the Bucks played it off with a horrendous triple by Connaughton and Trae made four free throws to maintain a lead that did not close a missed final triple, again, by Middleton.

It is the first time that a player exceeds 45 points and 10 assists in a Conference final, where the record for points is held by Michael Jordan at 54, and where without going over 22 years the top is LeBron James' 48 in 2007 ... and Bring on this party. They are, I remember, the first playoffs of his career. And he's averaging about 30 points and 10 assists. With an astonishing competitiveness, leadership and that talent that we already knew, that falls out of his pockets and that for some was not enough ... until now.

The Bucks failed everything on the outside. That could be your analysis beyond another series of details (like putting Jeff Teague on track at the same time as Trae, mortal sin) that you will have to review today in the video session. But, basically, they did not put anything. His astonishing mastery of the paint in the first half (42 points with an 85% accuracy near the rim) was slowed by that shot of three that has gotten them out of so much trouble (and in so many he has gotten them, too): 4 / 18 in the first half, 8/36 total. A disaster that marked the terrible game of a star generally as reliable as Middleton (15 points, 6/23 in shots, 0/9 in triples), which left Jrue Holiday (33 points, 10 assists) and a Giannis Antetokounmpo who He finished at 34 + 12 + 9 but he was by no means the best player on the court. It was Trae Young, who made it clear that no matter how much merit he may have gotten here, he still hasn't planned the vacation. So high alert for the Bucks tomorrow, in Game 2 before traveling to Atlanta: One loss is just one stumble, two would be a colossal disaster.

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