This was the chilling fall of Marc Márquez in Assen

The pilot was catapulted out of his Honda to open throttle at Turn 11, at 137 km / h, when he was wearing a red helmet. Despite the apartness, no injuries to regret.


Sustazo for Marc Márquez in Assen, and of the fat ones, but only happily scared. The Repsol Honda driver suffered an ear start during FP2 that is scary. The eighth champion came to Mir's wheel, falling by 13 thousandths the best time prevailing at that time, and at 35:14 from the end of the session he was catapulted out of his Honda at 137 per hour when opening throttle at the exit of the curve 11.

It was a dry, unexpected and unannounced journey that led him to a high gliding flight that ended in a first impact with the asphalt on his knees and elbows, before doing several somersaults on the gravel. After the logical initial daze, standing up, I went back to the box to catch some air and try to understand what happened, without returning to the track, with rain tires, for the last ten minutes of the session. At that time the times were not lowered and the session ended again with Maverick Viñales leading the times table.

The Yamaha one has dominated in the morning and in the afternoon, leaving at least for a day the bad vibes that he brought from Germany, where he qualified penultimate for the grid and where he finished last the race, later showing his anger with Yamaha, tired of the fact that, according to him, they always answer him with 'I don't know' when he asks for an explanation. It could be thought that his anger would subside when he reached Assen, but that's it, Mack did not get off the donkey on Thursday and ironically assured that he would drink until the last click of the set-up of his partner Quartararo.

His time in the afternoon before the rain appeared was 1: 33.241, which is somewhat slower than the 1: 33.072 he had signed in the morning. And that is a good time, because it is below the record for the fastest lap of the race (1: 33.617 of 2015, by Márquez), and still one second from the absolute record of the track, held by Quartararo for two years

A Maverick was followed at 111 thousandths by a Pol who also fell in the afternoon without consequences. Behind the Honda rider and until closing the top ten with direct access to Q2, Oliveira, Quartararo, Rins, Márquez, Mir, Zarco, Petrucci and Aleix.

It has a prize this time to close on Friday among the top ten, because the forecasts point to rain in the morning, so they are the ones who will go to sleep more calmly, although it remains to be seen if Marc will do it sore from the huge stick that is has given in Q2.

They will have to pray that it does not rain in FP3 and try to avoid the passage through Q1 there, pilots such as Nakagami 11º, Miller 12º, Bagnaia 14º, Martín 15º, Álex Márquez 16º, Rossi 17º, Binder 18º and Lecuona 19º.

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