The return of Llull and the cyclone Garuba are worth the record and the final

The Whites will play their ninth final in ten years in Pablo Laso's 596 victory on the Madrid bench, more than anyone else. Garuba scores a triple a decisive 2 + 1.


A shaky Madrid caught up with a capital Llull (13 points and 5 assists), due to his experience and know-how despite his physical problems since he did not have plenty of bellows, to get into his ninth final in a row with the playoff format (he missed a year ago in the bubble of Valencia, which was played with a league system). And they caught the cyclone Garuba, decisive: 16 points, 14 rebounds and 23 valuation. What might. Two legs of a success from a block used to resisting, the one led by Pablo Laso, who this Thursday achieved his 596th victory (in 771 games) and beat Lolo Sainz (1975-88) as the Madrid coach with the most victories ever . A record win at a decisive moment in the course. To the final by routine, when before their signing the whites had seen the last four on television.

A final before the final. All without a net, in a scenario in which Madrid is used to and feels comfortable. Perhaps that is why he did not accuse the previous tension and had a resolute and fluid start, where Causeur was reminiscent of the first game (24 points in 1-0), although he did not start at the time. Taylor had a slogan, to attack San Emeterio with penetrations, and also he was again accurate in the triple, and Garuba swept all the rebounds. Everyone. The staging was white (10-3) and Garuba the catalyst for many things. From the fight to the triples with increasing security and a more precise and faster mechanics, receiving and shooting, without barely lowering the ball and almost always well directed after an increasingly homogeneous, more perfect execution. A lot of work behind those little details that translate into a meteoric evolution.

Despite the local start, Valencia did not let themselves be dragged as in the opening of the semifinal, where their mentality and toughness failed them. He held the initial push and his only but ... to give up seven rebounds under his basket in the first half. Actually, his fate in the entire series, the one that condemned him. Despite this, this battle also resisted it from the beginning. The pulse left us good percentages of three and very weak of two, without exceeding 37% at halftime. Ponsarnau returned to mentor the referees in the intermission with a shoehorn, when it was not relevant, as he did after devastating his team in the second game in a way that was as preventive as it was devoid of arguments.

Dubljevic was looking to tickle Tavares and the entry of Hermansson, Prepelic, Kalinic and Tobey added new energy. While Carroll and Vives lived another express chapter of their face to face. Abalde had just overcome the coronavirus, but did not play. Llull, yes. He forced and helped, and more with Alocen's hip problems. Without him it is possible that Madrid would now be eliminated.

Valencia was solid, we saw it at the restart, where he managed to equal 44 after an unsportsmanlike Garuba. Tavares, however, had returned from the locker room with the determination that he lacked before and Real noticed. With Llull back on the court there were showy actions, with good ball circulation, such as a triangulation between Rudy, Tavares and Causeur. The income reached 9 points (59-50) and the visitors did not let themselves fall, solid, they responded with a 0-7. And to another +9 local (68-59 after two triples from Llull), again a response of 0-8 to face the last 5 minutes. Garuba was the man, for the better, because he made his third triple, and for the worse, because he illegally blocked another. A sin of youth that he resolved with his fourth offensive rebound (in total, 14 sacks) and a 2 + 1 that made the rival capitulate. Madrid to the final with another record of Laso.

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