The promotion formula

On the two previous occasions that UD Almería was promoted to the First Division it was with an average age of 26.5 years. The illusion in the club is maximum.


The sports management of Almería, with a coach who knows the category as Rubi, will have to make a squad from which results will be demanded. The ambition of this sports project is none other than that of promotion to the elite of Spanish football. Therefore, that goal will always be marked in red at all times. In the first weeks of the market, everything seems to indicate that the movements will revolve around the Second Division.

In the 2006/07 season, with Unai Emery in the position of coach, UD Almería achieved the first promotion in history (the previous one was under the name of Agrupación Deportiva) with an average staff of 26.45 years. Some players who were recruited by Paco Flores and who the Hondarribia coach knew how to maximize. The 2012/13 campaign, after a first failed attempt with Lucas Alraz and Esteban Vugo, was promoted by the hand of Javi Gracia with a squad that had an average age of 26.57 years.The average age of the two squads was 26.51 years on average, that is, a dressing room that was at its footballing peak, with a background already acquired and a physical fullness that, combining both factors, made them a difficult team to play. shake. The experience, but, above all, the quality of both squads was key in achieving these promotions. In addition, two young technicians who took a turn in their careers and placed themselves on a higher rung.

In the 20/21 academic year, the mean age was 24.1. That is, two and a half years less in general terms than the two teams that managed to rise to the top category of Spanish football. In this new stage of Turki Al-Sheikh, the team has been blamed for a fall in the crucial stages, in which the youth have weighed in that demand to climb. Because not only has it been worth reaching La Liga Santander, but it had to be in direct promotion, as recognized by Mohamed El Assy after the dismissal of José Gomes. Therefore, in this third attempt, setting up a more veteran squad to face day after day, the objective of climbing will be the mission in this summer stage.

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