The "astronomical offer" to Sanli forces Barça to move chips

Sertac Sanli has signed for Barça and snatching him from Efes has not cost little. The accounts of the Barcelona club are fair and there will be more changes.


And polysemy acts. The signing of Sertac Sanli by Barcelona, where he will soon sign for the next two seasons, forces him to move chips. Not only as if it were chess in which you have to dance to try to win the game, but as a list of salaries that have to be paid. So goes the chips. It will not be able to be one for the other, Sanli does not come only to replace a player who already had and everything is fixed. There will be more changes in the Barça club this summer, the commitment to the interior born in Edirne has been very strong.

The Barça accounts are lacking in sanitation. Now, with Laporta in command, a new season enters in which the president and those responsible are others. The management of the previous team put basketball in the foreground again, but the investment was so high that in terms of salaries they went with surgeon precision because there was no margin for error. Mirotic, Davies, Higgins, Calathes and other players have very good salaries compared to the rest of Europe and with this it was hoped to enhance the sporting level of the section, something that has been achieved with four out of four in finals and a guaranteed title ( Copa del Rey) in this campaign, but the arrival of his rival in the decisive game for the Euroleague and torture for Saras in the area opens the exit door.

Ismail Seniol, the BeIn Sports journalist who advanced the news of Sanli, pointed out two important issues in relation to the player's signature. First, he called it an "astronomical offer". Second, that he will be "the highest paid Turk" on the continent. It is understood that the nationalized Shane Larkin and Scottie Wilbekin are excluded, who are in another economic plane if they maintain their current chips, but it is not trivial. As AS has been able to find out, around two million euros gross will be what will go to Sanli in salary for each of the seasons. To snatch the pivot from the Euroleague champion, Barça had to push hard.

That Pustovyi is out of the planning despite the good relationship he has with Jasikevicius is a fact. That is a gap to fill, but the Ukrainian no longer plays anything and Sanli will. In interior positions nothing is known about the future of Gasol, which is unknown, and Oriola, who not only comes from being world champion but is the captain of the team, is beginning to be truly displaced by the coach. The adjustment cannot be only in the pivot position. Claver and Hanga do not have the confidence of Saras and could also leave, the arrival of Jokubaitis means little money compared to what was saved in Heurtel and if Bolmaro leaves (for which there would also be compensation with the clause), but we will have to sign a base. And, finally, an important ingredient is what can be entered by Kurucs and / or Hezonja, on which the rights are maintained for Europe. The arrival of Sanli is not, therefore, one token for another.

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