The greatest rivalry in history

The great Nadal-Djokovic challenge, that historical rivalry, will fulfill chapter 58. It is the classic of tennis, no other duel has been played so many times.


The speech is by Novak Djokovic. A minute that perfectly describes the meaning of his duels with Rafa Nadal: “It's not like any other game. Let's face it, the biggest challenge you can have is playing Rafa on clay, on this court where he has been so successful during his career. In the final rounds of a Grand Slam there is nothing greater. Of course, every time we face each other there is an extra tension and expectation. The vibrations are different when you walk on the court with him. Our rivalry has been historic for that sport, I think. And I have been privileged to be able to participate in it so many times. Measuring myself with Nadal and Federer has made me a stronger player, it has allowed me to understand how I needed to improve my game to get to the level where they were when I started in professional tennis. Yes, I probably choose Nadal as the biggest rival I've ever had in my career. The preparation of a match against him, any match, any surface, any occasion, is always different from any other. ”

That great challenge, that historical rivalry, will fulfill Chapter 58 this Friday. It is the classic of tennis, no other duel has been played so many times. Djokovic dominates the face to face, 29-28, but the equality is maximum. Not so much on clay, where Nadal dominates with authority: 19-7. Even so, the Serbian is one of the few who has managed to defeat the Spanish on this surface several times. What's more, Nole can boast of being one of the only two players to have beaten Rafa at Roland Garros, in the quarterfinals of 2015. The other was Robin Söderling, in 2009. The latest precedents also add to the Balearic Islands: the recent final of Rome and the last of Paris. But Nadal knows that it is a gigantic challenge, that he will face the number one, a player who knows him by heart ... The greatest rival of his career.

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