The fall of the 'untouchable' Herro: "He will be transferred to 75%"

It was one of the revelations of the 2019-20 academic year, but in Miami they have grown tired of his attitude. Ethan Skolnick sees it almost impossible for him to stay in Florida.


Everything has been very different for the Miami Heat in the 2020-21 season compared to the previous one, closed with their triumphant passage through the Florida bubble, where they became a fashionable team and champion of the Eastern Conference, an NBA finalist who gave war to the Lakers in the fight for the ring despite the physical problems of two of their best players, Bam Adebajo and Goran Dragic.

It was another miracle of that winning culture from Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. The vindication of Jimmy Butler against the great stars of the NBA, the explosion of Abebayo ... and the unstoppable rise of a new young nucleus. At the head, at least because of the media spotlight, Tyler Herro. The Kentucky guard who was chosen with the 2019 draft number. A pick that a year ago seemed like a clear steal. Herro debuted in the NBA when he was 20 years old and averaged 13.5 points, which were 16 in a playoffs in which he captured highlights and headlines, with spectacular moments in the East final, against the Boston Celtics (he averaged 19, from the bench, 2 points, 6.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists) .

So Herro seemed like an essential player in the future of a rising team. When Pat Riley (he always did) looked at the big pieces on the market, he did so trying to keep Adebayo and Herro on his roster. The pivot, on the way to his first all-star, was untouchable, and the guard too ... unless the occasion was truly irrefutable.However, the 2020-21 season has been a major disappointment for the Miami Heat (40-32, swept by the Bucks in the first round). Butler was rarely totally healthy, and both he and Adebayo or an already veteran Dragic were far from their best in the series against the Bucks. That, furthermore, was another verification (9.3 points on average, 31% in shots) of the bad course that a Herro had lived who did not advance at all, showed a tremendous irregularity and a questionable attitude that has been put into solfa by the own Heat. During the season it was already leaked that life outside the player's courts was beginning to be a real problem for the franchise.

So now the journalist, veteran in the Heat environment, Ethan Skolnick, leaves almost sentenced a future of Herro in Miami that a few months ago seemed absolutely brilliant: “I have heard that there are 75% options, or even more, of for Tyler Herro to be traded this summer. In fact, when I get that 75%, some of the people I have asked have told me that it is a low number. ”

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