The Cadiz stadium already has a new name

'Ramón de Carranza' is already history. The municipal stadium of Cádiz will wear the name 'Nuevo Mirandilla' after receiving 25.8% of the 1,068 total votes validated.


After a new vote was held last week to choose the new name for the Cádiz stadium, today the Cádiz City Council announced in a press conference after the Local Government Board that the chosen name is 'Nuevo Mirandilla'. This will be the new name that will erase the name of Ramón de Carranza from the façade of the municipal stadium of the city of Cadiz for, according to the Government team, not complying with the Historical Memory Law and the Democratic Memory Law.

It seems that, after six months since the Cádiz City Council began to plan the name change, the process has already come to an end. The first vote had to be annulled due to complaints in which it was stated that the Data Protection Law was not complied with and, in addition, the government team claimed to have suffered "sabotage" by the right wing, the opposition.

In this second vote, the Cádiz City Council has worked to improve the process of choosing the new name, but despite this there were also irregularities. The mayor of Cádiz, José María González 'Kichi', suffered an identity theft and another citizen voted for him in the process in which it was only necessary to indicate the ID number of a person of legal age and registered in Cádiz in addition to the date of birth of the same. After this incident, the Carranza Stadium Platform denounced the vote due to the possibility of identity theft.

Finally, it seems that the vote has been validated and this has been made known by the Cádiz City Council. 'Nuevo Mirandilla' has prevailed over the other options that passed the first election phase, which we recall below: 'La Tacita de Plata', 'Bahía de Cádiz', 'Gadir', 'Ciudad de Cádiz', 'Gades' , 'De la Laguna' and 'La Pepa'.

The option of 'Nuevo Mirandilla' has been voted by 25.8% of the votes. The second option was 'Silver Cup', which received 17.5% of the total votes, of which 1,068 were validated. Of the total 1,260 votes received, only 1,068 have passed the filters.

Martín Vila, deputy mayor of the Cádiz City Council, has affirmed that in the vote there have been some people who "have wanted to vote several times, have made mistakes in their date of birth or have even tried to use data from deceased persons." And he also insists that the change of name of the municipal stadium of the city of Cádiz will change its name as soon as possible.Last summer, Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz, spoke with AS about the change of name of the stadium in which the club he presides over plays the matches and stated that: "The law must be observed, so there is no discussion, but The law can be complied with in many ways, and I believe that the Carranza brand, associated as a stadium surname, is very powerful and it would be a shame to lose it. We did not want to be on the commission because we understand that this is something they have to the cadistas decide and the stadium is municipal, so the City Council uses its reasons and I respect them and we remain on the sidelines ".

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