The Bidaideak closes an "outstanding" year

"Chair basketball has won a citizenship card in Bilbao and in Bizkaia", underlined the president, Txema Alonso. It is the best campaign in its history, with the first League, the Cup runner-up and a fourth place in the European Champions Cup.


The Bidaideak Bilbao BSR rated the season just ended with an "outstanding", both in the sporting aspect, in which it achieved its first league title in the Wheelchair Basketball Honor Division, as well as in the social recognition of the entity. "Chair basketball has won a citizenship card in Bilbao and Bizkaia," stressed the president of Bidaideak, Txema Alonso, at a press conference in which he valued the best campaign in the club's history in which, in addition to that title, league, has been Cup runner-up and fourth in the European Champions Cup.

"Having won the most important league in Europe is something that was not part of the plans at the beginning of the season. If we add to that being among the four best in Europe and being a Cup finalist in the club's sporting activity, we must grade of outstanding ", highlighted Alonso.

The leader valued as "as important" as those achievements that "the club's successes have reached the Biscayan population en masse through the media" or that "boys and girls now have a reference to chair basketball as a sport they can practice ".

"We have also managed to make it a less marginal sport and that the Biscayan and Basque federations and the clubs understand us as equals in order to develop common strategies. All of this is at the same level of success as sporting achievements," he stressed.

Alonso assumed that the great campaign carried out will have "tolls" and that it is possible that the "most important" players of the squad led by Adrián Yáñez may "have important offers from the most economically powerful clubs."

"But we are confident that the project will continue. We believe in the people who want to make Bilbao their home and on that basis we will continue to articulate the staff to make the competitive team that we have been these last five years", concluded the president of the Bidaideak.

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