Suns book review to the beat of a splendid Paul

Chris Paul, 17 + 15 and no losses, led the Suns in beating the Nuggets to make the series 2-0. Barton returned. Campazzo, very lazy.


The sun clears the situation of the conference semifinals. If we put it in the plural, the Nuggets look fried by the rhythm at which they are being taken. It's already 2-0 and it's starting to smell like scorch in Mike Malone's team even though they are putting all possible efforts. The dominance of the Suns is, for now, very clear, Chris Paul seems almost fully recovered from the shoulder injury he suffered in the confrontation with the Lakers and the same team that was a roller playing basketball in the regular season is the that has been presented in the decisive phase of the season. At the moment there are no gaps for Phoenix, who sees the ticket closer and closer to be able to win.

In the case of the Nuggets we already saw in the previous series how they were able to overcome an adverse situation. Game 4 against the Blazers was utterly dismal and set off alarms, but then they won the next two and qualified. Here they will have it a little more difficult: they still have to add four. Against the Suns in their pavilion, 123-98 and giving thanks. The image was very bad. Nikola Jokic debuted his award for the best player in the League being the top scorer but without also contributing to the fact that there was an escape route so that his team could dominate any specific facet. Overwhelming those of Monty Williams, especially with the crushing rhythm in the static that is so beautiful to see but so hard it is to suffer.

Paul was already coming off a very good game, the first one, but in the second he even surpassed himself. With tranquility and taking a walk around the management script of a team that, if it is concentrated, is a watch. He finished with 17 points and 15 rebounds and 0 losses, the only one that has done so in history at that point. The visitors began printing much more rhythm, much more, with transitions that lasted a few seconds to try to bring the combat to the physical and change the trend of the first day a bit, but that transfer was imperceptible in numerical terms. The Suns had already made a couple of 3-pointers to start, and Paul was getting down to business to also satisfy his inner men. Playing all the sticks. The one who also had to do it was the coach of the Nuggets, looking for a reaction in the first quarter being already six down: Will Barton, on the field. It was the return of the guard, who had not played since April, and he arrived with a mate, a block and a triple in a matter of seconds. One bullet saved, but there were plenty more in the Suns' round.

At Jokic's halftime the Nuggets tried Millsap and Green as a pair and, opposite, Dario Saric was placed. Well, the Croatian won. And they are not good signs, obviously. With a triple from Phoenix's power forward, the +10 returned. With the return of the headlines, it remained. Campazzo, against some Paul and Payne who even blocked with relish, suffered a lot: 1/7 in shots and, this time, few intangibles.

Defensively, it was also difficult for Jokic to measure up to Ayton, in form in recent weeks, although the Serbian marked differences in attack. That tug of war resulted in balance and the Nuggets were clearly behind. From ten he went to twenty away in the first minutes of the second half. Tension washed over Aaron Gordon, stung by Crowder, as a prime example of Denver being out of the chair again. Paul's recital was also about passes and they took advantage of whoever was: Payne, Booker, Bridges or the one with the popcorn. All that was left for the Coloradans was to retreat, wait for the enemy fire to cease, and go home with their heads down with an examination of conscience involved. The distance reached 31 points in the last period, but ended in only 25 to the consolation of those who received them.

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