Sordo: "It could have been a very strong blow"

The Cantabrian explains that his abandonment in Kenya has been produced "by a stone in the middle of the road that broke a suspension arm."


Bad luck for Dani Sordo in the Safari Rally. The Cantabrian was retiring in the third stage of the test after suffering an incident that put an end to his aspirations. Once back at the Naivasha service park, the Cantabrian explained what happened: “As seen in the video, on a straight there was a small stone in the middle of the road that broke a suspension arm. The car got stuck and I couldn't do anything because I was left without direction. He started skating until he stopped. ”

"Luckily the car has not tried to overturn, because otherwise it would have been difficult to fix it," says Sordo. “We were going at a very high speed, and if we capsized it could have been a very strong blow. In that sense we have been lucky. Now everything is arranged and we will return tomorrow. We will try to save some point and I hope that the other two Hyundai finish in the lead without suffering problems ”

“It was a shame, because the first stage was narrow and complicated, but the second was very nice, very fast, but amazing. He was enjoying himself a lot, and he wasn't attacking. I was driving safely, and it was bad luck. I am very upset, but I have not been able to do anything, ”says the only Spaniard in Kenya.

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