Ronaldo's Real Valladolid speaks more and more Brazilian

In recent months, at least three people of this nationality have joined the club, while dismissals occur in various departments.


In the offices of Real Valladolid in José Zorrilla and in Serrano Street in Madrid, Portuguese, Brazilian, begins to be the dominant language. Clear sign that after almost three years of the landing of Ronaldo Nazário to the presidency of the club, it is now when he begins to unfold his ideas with the incorporation of several collaborators of his compatriots. None of them have been officially presented, but it is known that they work for Real Valladolid.

Y is that to the madrilización that began as soon as the team descended to Second, Ronaldo adds the "Brazilianization" of the club. Because if until now, the president himself could express himself in his own language with Matt Fenaert, CEO of the club, but with very close ties with Brazil, or with Gabriel Lima, business director, now his network of closest Brazilian collaborators has increased . Paulo André, Ronaldo's former teammate in Corinthians, has been working for the club for a few months, who was athletic director of Atlético Paranaense for a few months without much success. Although he himself said that he was only passing through to learn, and in the absence of confirmation from the club, he has become the strong man of the sports management, even above the sports director, Fran Sánchez. André was present in the conversations with the sports directors and coaches who chose to join the club and is the strong man of the sports management in the shadow. Not only him. A couple of weeks ago, the arrival of Enrico Ambrogini, CEO of Brazilian Inter de Limeira, club of the A1 series of the Paulista championship, took place, also without confirmation from the club, but with information from Brazil. It is also unknown what position he holds in the club.

In addition, as the Desmarque website reported, Ronaldo has hired Bruno Mazziotti, the physiotherapist who treated him after his knee injury in 2008, as an advisor to complete a circle of his utmost confidence. Obviously, all these arrivals have a cost, they are a change in trend that is reflected in the more than 25 layoffs that have occurred at the club in recent weeks. From a large part of the 'scouting' department that Miguel Ángel Gómez, former sports director of the club, had formed, through the president of the Foundation, Carlota Apareci, staff from various club departments, including two physiotherapists. And it is that Ronaldo, now yes, is going to make the club that he wants. This must be the revolution he was referring to as soon as he descended, although the structure has not yet been released.

And in the template? In the first team there is only one Brazilian, Marcos André, whose representative is forcing the machine to leave the club, while in the second team Lucas Freitas play, with a salary well above the category, Paulo Vitor and Dalisson, who already He was at the club and was born in Spain, while he has already signed Lucas Rosa for the next season, without entrusting himself to anyone.

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